Announced The Last of Us: Humanity at stake, a new book in the Sony saga

announced the last of us: humanity at stake, a new

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Announced The Last of Us: Humanity at stake, a new book in the Sony saga

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As of June 15, it can be purchased in bookstores The Last of Us: Humanity at stake, a book edited by Dolmen Editorial in which a team of experts in videogames and contemporary culture come together to offer an in-depth analysis of the PlayStation saga. With this new book we try to offer a new look at The Last of Usdelving into the issues with which Naughty Dog wants to make us reflect on their video games.

The Last of Us: Humanity at stake is a book in which they participate Cristina Ferragut Anglada, Igone Martínez Marín, José Luis Ortega López, Álvaro Alonso Pradas and Paula Sez Pérez. “The goal of this essay is to immerse readers in the universe of The Last of Us in a unique and revealing way,” he says. Diego González, project coordinator and Vandal’s companion: “It is the book that, as a fan of the saga, I would like to have to complete my collection.”

A book by and for fans of The Last of Us

“Through a thorough analysis of the narrative, characters and gameplaythe book unravels the game’s unique insight into human nature, the relationship between empathy and violenceand the fundamental role of the family and the community in moments of crisis”, we read in the description of the book, which will soon be available for purchase on the publisher’s website (as well as in bookstores) at a price of €24.90.

In addition, from Dolmen Editorial they point out that The Last of Us: Humanity at stake offers a series of exclusive extrasas an emotional open letter from the USAgaming community, unforgettable memories of the voice actors who brought the characters to life, a captivating look at the largest collection on the license in USA and a exclusive interview with Gustavo Santaolallathe composer responsible for the iconic music for the games and the television series.

Under these lines you can see a image gallery of The Last of Us: Humanity at stake.

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