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Announced the new games that come to Game Pass the first half of May – Xbox

announced the new games that come to game pass the

Announced the new games that come to Game Pass the first half of May
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We start May with a good string of releases for Game Pass, Microsoft has released a new press release with the games that will populate the subscription during this month, at least during the first fortnight. Obviously, the protagonist here is Redfall that has been released today, so do not hesitate to try it.

At the moment we only have 5 releases announced, although we know that more will come in the next few days, we will have to be attentive to see what they are, especially those of the second half of May. Here’s 3 day one, so it’s a sEsports Extrasof how tight the service is right now.

New games announced for Game Pass

As always, I leave you a list with the releases ordered by arrival date and by platform. Games like Shadowrun Trilogy are only available on PC. Take a look that very surely there is something that interests you.

  • redfall – Available today for PC, Cloud and console.
  • Ravenlock – Available May 4 for PC, Cloud, and Console
  • Weird West: Definitive Edition – Available May 8 for Xbox Series.
  • Shadowrun Trilogy – Available on May 9 for PC.
  • Leak: Melodies of Steel 2 – Available on May 11 for PC, Cloud and console.

If you want to renew your Game Pass Ultimate, take a look at this Gamivo promo. The current promo is simple, if you have the Gamivo SMART mode active, the 6 months will cost you just over 45 euros, at least while I am writing these lines.

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