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Announcement of completion of the movie “BLUE GIANT”

A welcome stage event to announce the completion of the anime film “BLUE GIANT” based on the novel by Shinichi Ishizuka was held today at TOHO Cinemas Hibiya in Tokyo on February 7, with Yuki Yamada as Dai Miyamoto, Shotaro Mamiya as Yukinori Sawabe, and Shunji Tamada, Tachikawa Yuzuru, and Okayama Amane TV show took the stage.


The movie “BLUE GIANT” will be released on February 17. Yamada, who read the original work even before the cast was decided, said, “I had a lot of ideas about being in charge of the voice.” Looking back at the time of the offer, Mamiya also said, “I thought it would be hard to become a voice actor. I thought it would be nice” and I accepted this offer. Okayama, who was a fan of the original work as Yamada, said, “I was one of the people who received a lot of power, but (the film) was an opportunity for all ‘BLUE GIANT’ fans to deepen their love. I hope it’s possible, and I hope those who have never touched this work can feel something of the great energy and life of the characters that surround it.”

Regarding the challenge of voice acting in a stage animation as an actor, Yamada said, “I think all three (main cast) were worried. I also thought professional voice actors would be better. I think there is definitely something like a meaning. I hope it’s a good shoot and it airs.” Thinking back to when I received the offer again, I was told, ‘I’m talking about a voice’ and ‘It’s big’, and I felt like ‘Eh… big…?) But when I heard that the other two were Mamiya-kun and Amane- kun, I thought, “Oh, I see. I felt a sense of security because I think we share the same feelings and the desire to challenge this animation, ”he said about his feelings at the time.

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Blue Giant poster, GamersRD

Regarding the theatrical animation of this work, which was said to be “difficult to visualize,” director Tachikawa said, “Since there are many acting scenes, the appearance of the live performance will change as the three of them grow older. You need a sense of rhythm. I made myself a great challenge how to express this, ”he recalled. Also, “in the case of TV animation, I think it’s more and more common to watch it on tablets and smartphones these days, but if it’s a theatrical release, it’s an act of ‘experiencing’ sound with a sound system. wonderful sound”. They asked me to do it, so I decided to make it into a movie this time.”

Also on stage were Hiromi Uehara, who played the piano, Tomoaki Baba, who played the tenor saxophone, and Shun Ishiwaka, who played the drums. Uehara, who said, “I wrote the song on my own because I could hear the sound when I was reading the original story.” I had a detailed meeting with the director to be able to support the emotions of the audience.” he said about the production. He also said, “All the musicians who participated in the recording of this work were proud to be able to participate in the work called ‘BLUE GIANT’ and gave 120% of the performance”.

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Baba, who was in charge of Dai’s saxophone, said, “I think ‘sound’ is the most important thing for musicians. Especially, Miyamoto Dai has the power to impress the audience, which can overwhelm everyone with a single note. That’s what musicians aspire to, so I was always trying to make a convincing sound.”

When asked how Tamada, who is a beginner drummer, expressed his performance, Ishiwaka said, “How can I become a ‘beginner drum performer’? I tried to change it, tried various things to make it look strange, and proceeded by being objectively judging by Hiromi-san and Baba-kun, “It’s still good, it’s still too good!” Regarding the JASS sound performed by the three, Uehara said, “It was decided that Baba-kun and Ishiwaka-kun would participate in this project at different times, but at the time of recording they were both from Sapporo. I was surprised when “I found out that they had been playing together since childhood. It overlapped with the relationship between Dai and Tamada in this work, so I thought I was lucky. I was able to create a close relationship with JASS (in process),” he said. he said he with a smile.

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Appreciating the finished work, Yamada said, “I was overwhelmed.” “The audience (in the film) is also represented in great detail. I feel like I’m a customer and I want to clap. I thought it would be nice if the theater could do the same.” genre, it’s like he’s relearning that it’s something that touches the heart. When the music team plays the characters, we are big, I really felt that I had to speak for Yukinori and Tamada’s feelings.

Also, at the event, the cast members will be asked the question, “When you were around 19 years old, what were you passionate about?” Yamada replied, “I went to Tokyo after graduating from high school at the age of 18, just like college, and I went to drama school to become an actor.” He later confessed, “I used to work part-time, but my nameplate said, ‘I’m going to be the king of actors!’” and the audience laughed. “Because I was afraid, I wrote (I dreamed) and I declared it, or rather, I imposed it on myself by saying it. I felt like that is Dai’s strength,” he praised Dai as he introduced his own episode.