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Apex Legends: changes to matchmaking, weapon mastery and the World’s End map (May 2023)

apex legends: changes to matchmaking, weapon mastery and the world's

As you know, very soon a new season will arrive with the legend Ballistic to the game. But that is not the only novelty that the update will have. In addition to the new character and changes to the World’s End map and new weapon mastery, there will be many changes to the competitive play system and matchmaking in the Arsenal season of Apex Legends.

Let’s see what this is about.


Changes to the matchmaking system of Apex Legends

Currently, the game’s matchmaking algorithm is based on your Ranking Points (PC or ‘Ranked Points’). The developers feel that this does not represent well the ability of players at lower levels.

After the arrival of the season Arsenal to Apex Legends, the pairing or ‘matchmaking’ will be based on a new hidden number called the ‘matchmaking rating’ (MMR). This one values ​​equality of skill between players more than its predecessor. Consequently, queues to join matches may be slightly longer..


Respawn Entertainment didn’t give many details about the MMR, but we know that positioning in the game and eliminating other players affects it. The matchmaking also takes into account if we play alone, duos or trios.

Goodbye to the “PC”

Due to this change, classification points (‘Ranked Points’ or PC) will disappear from Apex Legends. Instead they will implement the points of positions or PP. These will go up not only through the new points system, but with ‘bonuses’ like the following.

  • Eliminations: the more eliminations the team achieves, the more points we will receive.
  • Classification: when the MMR is considerably higher than the LP.
  • Ability: When the team interacts with higher level opponents or has an exceptional result in an unfavorable match.

These are the position points or PP that we will receive or lose according to our position in the game.

The mid-season rank reset has been removed. The range will only reset at the start of one.

Weapon Mastery

When the weapon mastery or progression system reaches Apex Legends along with the legend Balistic and the changes to the ranking system and the End of the World map in the Arsenal season, all players will start with all weapons at level 1.

The changes that the arrival of the Arsenal season will bring to the ranking, matchmaking, weapon progression and the End of the World map in Apex Legends.

To level up a weapon, you need to equip it, deal damage, and secure kills with it in any game mode.. This does not reset with seasons.

Every 20 levels a “trial” will be unlocked for each weapon that gives us new rewards such as medals, banners and a legendary appearance. The maximum level for each is 100.

Changes to the End of the World map

  • New points of interest: Monument (replaces Fragment) and accumulations (replaces the tower of the lords of sweat in the southern part).
  • The updraft of the lava has been removed, but we can already walk on lava despite how hot it is. The lava level has risen.
  • the point of interest Combine harvester It has new shortcuts and the central platform is surrounded by lava.
  • There is a new vault to the north in the tunnels leading to Skyhook Tower.
  • Now there is snow in Skyhook Towerwhich creates new routes.
  • The ship Mirage to Trois it is now present on the map.

Source: EA