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Apex Legends fundamentally changes the weapon system – brings levels and rewards | Top News

apex legends fundamentally changes the weapon system brings levels

The popular “Battle Royal” shooter Apex Legends is to receive a fundamental change in the weapon system with Season 17. There will be weapon XP, levels and rewards. The aim is to increase the long-term motivation of the game.

What will be changed in the weapon system? The developers of Apex Legends announced that the shooter will receive a so-called “Weapon Mastery” system.


This is a system in which the individual weapons have their own level in which they can be promoted.

Weapon Mastery will be the first long-term progression system to appear in Apex Legends, alongside account level.


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What effects does the weapon level have? With the new weapon level, you will have the opportunity to get a number of rewards.


You start at level 1 and then unlock a task every 20 levels that will test your skills with the weapon you are playing.

If you pass the test, you will receive a reward. An example of such a task could be to use the flatline to down an opponent from at least 25 meters away while looking through the weapon’s sights.

There will be no disadvantage for you with the weapon level. That means it won’t be necessary to reach a certain level to use a weapon or attachment, for example.


In total, you can complete five trials with each weapon and get the corresponding reward. The maximum level of a weapon is 100. Reaching this means you have mastered the weapon and receive some final rewards.

According to Respawn, the final rewards of weapon mastery include weapon-specific decals, lifetime achievement trackers, legendary weapon mastery banner frames, and a guaranteed legendary skin.

How can a weapon level up? A weapon levels up as you gain Weapon XP. Weapon XP is gained by actively holding a weapon, dealing damage, or getting kills with it.

The respective level of your weapon also remains permanent and is not reset with the release of a new season – it is tied to your account.


In addition to the weapon level, Apex Legends should also receive a pistol with Season 17, which was already feared in Titanfall.

Apex Legends is set to get a new weapon that completely dominated another popular shooter