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Apex Legends: Heat Wave Game Mode and Solar Squad Collection Event Rewards

A new very holiday collection event is coming to Apex Legends With new cosmetic items, ‘skins’, the Heat Wave game mode and surprises, its name is Solar Squad and let’s see what it’s all about.

When does the Solar Squad collection event start and on what date does it end? Apex Legends?

The new content will arrive in the game on Tuesday, March 28 and will be available until Tuesday, April 11, 2023..


You can see a preview of what awaits us in the video below:

New game mode Apex Legends: Heat wave

This new limited-time mode coming to Apex Legends next to the Solar Squad collection event. During the games of trios, heat waves will occur periodically from which we must protect ourselves in closed places or in the shade.

Get to know the vacation skins that we will get in the Solar Squad collection event along with more rewards and the new Heat Wave game mode in Apex Legends

The thermoshields, which will be larger, can also protect us. There will be items that mitigate sun damage in the support pods, such as sunglasses.

event cosmetic items

As with other Collection Events, new themed cosmetic items can be earned by purchasing them directly with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals and in event Apex Packs.

If we get all 24 cosmetics from the Solar Squad collection event in Apex Legends we will unlock Ash’s relic, “Strongest Link”.

New bounty record

As is tradition, during the event we will be able to level up in a mini-pass in which we can get even more cosmetic items as rewards. You can see it below.


We can get up to 1600 daily points by completing challenges. These are also used to level up in the Season Battle Pass.

Items in the shop

If you want to know the update patch notes, we invite you to read them on the official website of the game. On other issues,You already know which of the new classes your favorite character belongs to?

Source: EA