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Apex Legends is set to get a new weapon that completely dominated another popular shooter

Season 17 will soon begin in Apex Legends. Now EA has accidentally shown content. Including a new character and a particularly controversial weapon from Titanfall.

A developer from Electronic Arts (EA) accidentally revealed information about the next season of Apex Legends. In addition to events for new skins, there should also be a new character this time.


But the biggest surprise is likely to be a weapon that could make it to Apex Legends. Because the “smart pistol” from Titanfall is considered controversial and could dominate every match when the weapon comes into the hands of a professional.

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Smart Pistol should close the gap between beginners and professionals

What is this weapon? With the Smart Pistol MK5 there was a weapon in Titanfall with which you could automatically aim at opponents. This was intended to make the gaming experience easier for beginners in particular. Because that way you could celebrate a few successes even as a bad player.


The big problem: Even professionals liked to play with this weapon and were then able to quickly dominate the whole match (via Inexperienced or new players then had absolutely no chance against the much too powerful weapon. Instead, the gap between weak and strong players widened even further because everyone was playing this weapon.

What happened next in Titanfall? The Smart Pistol caused quite a stir at the time, and developers had a lot to do to make the weapon reasonably competitive. The weapon has been modified and weakened over several updates.


However, the weapon never got rid of its controversial reputation. Now there is a real fear that Apex Legends will again have such an extremely dominant weapon.

Apex is one of the most popular free-to-play shooters on PC and console in 2023

The new season is also being eagerly awaited because Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular shooters on Steam. Thousands of players log in every day to compete against each other. In February 2023, the shooter reached a new high with over 600,000 concurrent players (via


The bosses of Apex Legends are quite self-confident about the success of their shooter and believe that they can take on the big ones in the future. You can read the entire interview with the bosses on MeinMMO:

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