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Apex Legends is the most difficult FPS game according to Dr Disrespect

When it comes to which is the most difficult FPS game, there is always a topic for discussion by players who love this genre.

However, streamer Dr. Disrespect is a true fan of FPS games. He has not only reached impressive heights in several different franchises as a player, but previously worked with Sledgehammer Games as a map designer on the Advanced Warfare era of the Call of Duty franchise, and is currently developing his own game Deaddrop.

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That level of experience is as good as gold when it comes to assessing the state of games, and after one of many Apex Legends streams since the game’s release, Dr. Disrespect has seen enough to say that the Battle Royale title is the most difficult of all. He was four hours into a qualifying session when he decided to call it quits for the day. He was left in a no-win situation 1v3 three, and as he tried his best to grab the teammates’ banners and escape him, the enemy squad tracked him down and ended their hunt.

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He was visibly disappointed in his own performance even before the opposition converged on him, and he let his chat hear his frustration. “I’m so clumsy in this game… do you see how clumsy I am?

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After saying goodbye to ZLaner and Niko1F, Doc told the chat that he needed a break from Apex and was looking for something new. One fan sympathized with him, calling Apex Legends the hardest FPS, and Doc wholeheartedly agreed.

Not even the goal, it’s the movement“, said. “Fluidity of movement, hip shooting, machine gun strikes, slipping and sliding… the separation of players just that.”.