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Apex Legends Mobile will stop working, EA cancels Battlefield Mobile

We have bad news for fans of mobile games. Titles belonging to two popular franchises will stop working. EA announcement that they will shut down the servers Apex Legends Mobilewhich will stop working, and also Battlefield Mobile.

why will it stop working Apex Legends Mobile?

Through an official statement, Respawn Entertainment announced that despite a strong start, “new content was not hitting the same quality, quantity, and cadence.” That’s why they decided to cancel the game.

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when will it stop working Apex Legends Mobile?

Game servers will be shut down on Monday, May 1, 2023 at 4:00 pm (Colombia, Peru and Ecuador time).

All real money microtransactions have been suspended and the game has already been pulled from digital stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Purchases made will not be refunded.

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We hope that exclusive characters in this version, like rhapsody and Fade, will eventually make it to the version of Apex Legends on PC and consoles.

Apex Legends Mobile will stop working, just like Battlefield Mobile and this is all we know about the shutdown of servers.

What happened with Battlefield Mobile?

Thanks to VentureBeat we found out that EA made the decision to close the Industrial Toys studio which was working on the development of Battlefield Mobile. This had been released at the end of 2021 in a kind of ‘soft launch’ in some regions of the world. An official release date was never released internationally.

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For its part, the most recent game in the series for PC and consoles, Battlefield 2042continues to receive support from EA and DICE despite its lackluster initial reception.

Sources: Respawn Entertainment official statement, VentureBeat


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