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Apple limits the speed of the SSD in the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini 2023

Apple is known for creating devices that stand apart from the competition in both desEsports Extrasand performance. After all, if you pay the high price for a MacBook, you know you’ll get much better battery life than conventional laptops. But not all are advantages, because with the new models of 2023 MacBook Pro and Mac Mini M2, Apple has installed a slower SSDa move that he has already made in the past.


When the company with the bitten apple decided to abandon Intel, AMD and NVIDIA in favor of creating its own chips, we didn’t think there would be such an improvement. It was the first Apple M1 that shocked everyone in those tests where they showed a Competent performance with minuscule consumption. However, after the first version, the evolution of these has not brought so many improvements, because for example the M2 chips don’t bring with them a huge performance leap. Where do we see biggest difference is with the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips recently released by Apple and which include the latest 2023 MacBook Pro models.

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The latest 2023 MacBook Pros come with a slower SSD

We had been talking about Apple’s future M2 Pro and M2 Max chips for months, although it was it was rumored that they would reach 3 nm and finally they have been 5nm. Although TSMC confirmed that the mass production of its 3 nanometers has already begun, in the end these Apple chips will not be the ones that launch it, but the future M3. Except for this, we already have MacBook Pro available with the M2 Pro or with the M2 Max for the most demanding users. Although this new SoC brings a Up to 20% faster CPU and one GPU up to 30% faster than the last generation, we also have cuts.

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And it is that, it has been identified that the new models of MacBook Pro M2 Pro they bring with them a slower SSDaffecting the base model with 512GB SSD and what does it cost $1,999. Thus, the SSD of the MacBook Pro 14 with M2 Pro chip is slower than that of the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip released in 2021. This has been confirmed by various outlets, such as @ZONEoFTECH on Twitter, where we can see the differences performance:

  • MacBook Pro 2023 M2 Pro SSD: 2,929 MB/s write, 2,703 MB/s reading
  • MacBook Pro 2021 M1 Pro SSD: 3,450MB/s write, 4,081 MB/s reading

Mac Mini with M2 chip also has a poorer performing SSD

Apple Mac Mini M2

The explanation why the 2023 MacBook Pro has a slower SSD is due to the use of different NAND chips and consequently storage cutbacks. As reported by 9to5Mac, when he opened the case of the new MacBook Pro he discovered that it only had a visible NAND chip on the front of the board and another on the back, 256GB each. Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro with M1 and 512GB SSD had two visible NAND chips on the front and two on the back, i.e. 4 of 128 GB each.

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Also, this is not limited to the 2023 MacBook Pro, as the latest 2023 Mac Mini have a worst performing SSD. In this case, the same thing happens as in the MacBook Pro and apparently Apple wanted to reduce the cost of production by sacrificing the speed of the SSD. That being said, the recorded speeds remain as follows:

  • Mac Mini 2020 M1: 2,733MB/s writing, 2,854MB/s reading
  • Mac Mini 2023 M2: 1,431MB/s writing and 1,482MB/s reading

As we can see, the drop in performance here is even greater, since ssd speed cut in half. But it does not take us by surprise, since it is not the first time that Apple has done this. And it is that, last summer, the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 already had a SSD 50% slower than the M1.


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