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Apple’s next “One more thing” bang could finally help VR and AR to make a breakthrough

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Rumors about Apple’s own headset for the AR and VR experience have been circulating around the web for years. If you want to believe the rumours, Apple will introduce the mixed reality headset between 2022 and 2023. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the first glimpses behind Apple’s mixed reality headset idea at Apple’s event.

The manufacturer may not only be working on its own headset, but on an entire ecosystem. New clues show an ambitious goal Apple may have set.


Apple’s headset – Reality Pro?

As the website Bloomberg recently reported, Apple has already started the trademark registration process. Accordingly, the company wants the names reality one, Reality Pro and Reality Processor to back up. The in-house glasses could be named Reality Pro be provided, which would indicate a niche product.

The desEsports Extrasof the headset should be based heavily on that of the AirPods Max and the Apple Watch, as reported by 9to5mac. Equipped with two 8K OLED displays as well as advanced sensors for gesture and environment recognition, Apple wants loud 9to5mac enable an immersive experience – as long as these specifications are true.

Similar to the iPhones and Macs, the AR/VR glasses should also have their own chip family and thus also have specially developed processors integrated. This would register the names Reality Processor or reality one to explain. After all, the goal of a high-performance chip should be that no other device is required to run the glasses and that graphics-intensive content is output natively.

There are already numerous VR headsets on the market such as the Meta-Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Rift.


Whether the first prototypes can already be seen on September 7 remains to be seen until the Apple event. So far, the names mentioned above have only been submitted, but not finally confirmed, as in the above-linked article by 9to5mac is described.

Apple’s new ecosystem with realityOS?

As early as 2017, hints appeared that should show Apple’s interest in AR and VR. To be more precise: Apple is supposedly working on its own ecosystem in the area of ​​the two virtual worlds. The clues indicate a different operating system based on iOS. This is said to have been created taking augmented and virtual reality into account.

Existing AR kit functions should therefore be used to run applications on new devices. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that this iOS system includes various iPhone apps in the form of AR versions.
A developer kit for the development of AR applications has been available since 2019.


In the official source code from Apple, developers already have references to the supposedly upcoming operating system at the beginning of the year realityOS found. In May of this year, Apple secured the naming in many countries around the world.

In interaction with the reality operating system from Apple it should not just be a single product. Rather, a complete platform is to be expected in which the applications are optimized for an operating system, their own chip and the associated hardware.

New technology is not only found in the virtual world. A lot will also change in the display technologies, as Corsair already impressively shows:


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What do you think of such AR/VR headsets or glasses? Are you positive about these technologies or do you see them as a premature trend? Write us your opinion in the comments!