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April already has these six games for Xbox Game Pass – Xbox

April already has these six games for Xbox Game Pass

We have not finished March yet and we are already beginning to look askance at the month of April with the confirmed releases on Xbox Game Pass. At the moment so far in 2023 we cannot complain, many games have been released in the quality service such as Wo Long: Fallen Destiny or Atomic Heart among others.

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April and has six confirmed releases for Xbox Game Pass and more games will be added to these in the coming dates, when the Xbox team confirms the new arrivals. There are more games scheduled for Xbox Game Pass in the future, but the first ones to have their April release date confirmed are as follows.

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These are the 6 releases for Xbox Game Pass in April

  • Everspace 2 ver. 1.0 (PC) – April 6
  • Ghostwire Tokyo (Cloud, Xbox, Series X|S and PC) – April 12
  • Minecraft Legends (Cloud, Console and PC) – April 18
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (Cloud, Console and PC) – April 20
  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox (Cloud, Console and PC) – April 27
  • Homestead Arcana (Cloud, Console and PC) – April 2023
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