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Arabic GTA server “NoPixel” is shut down for banning LGBTQ symbols in GTA Online

GTA Online’s NoPixel servers offer its community a safe place to engage in fun RPG antics. A content creator named DanteXstar was streaming on the Arabic GTA server when he was asked to remove a rainbow-colored bracelet from his avatar.

During a live stream, DanteXstar was contacted by a member of Arab NoPixel’s management team, as well as server administrators, to inform him that all LGBTQ symbols and behaviors are prohibited. DanteXstar reluctantly removed his bracelet to avoid receiving a ban.


To prevent members of the NoPixel community from going through the same ordeal, GTA’s Arabic server was sadly shut down and the news quickly spread to Reddit. Also, those who were members of the GTA Arab server will receive refunds from NoPixel.

NoPixel Arab has been shutdown
by u/Inarimw in RPClipsGTA

However, much of the Reddit thread offered support for DanteXstar, “Please show Dantexstar some love if you have the time. Nopixel Arab’s initial announcement was made in response to him wearing a rainbow bracelet and playing an LGBT character.said canaridra. “The admin was in his chat and was sending him a private message, threatening to ban him if he didn’t remove his pride bracelet, Twitch LGBT tag, etc. He now he is getting a lot of messages blaming him for the server shutdown. ”