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Arcane, The Last of Us or Something Else: Which TV Series on Games Are the Best?

The quality of TV series based on video games has increased drastically in recent years. But which of them do you think are the best? Vote and rank with us.

Video game movies and series have long had a bad reputation among fans. Titles like Max Payne, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and Alone in the Dark have in the past provided as many laughs as eye-rolls.


But in recent years the tide has slowly turned. While there are still glitches here and there that disappoint gaming fans, there are now a number of real gems that shouldn’t be missed.

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It doesn’t matter whether we’re dealing with live action or cartoons and anime. In both areas, there are insanely good video game series these days that are delighting fans.


Which of these do you think are the best?

You can vote here: As always, you can make your choice in the poll tool below. Since there are many great series, we gave you 3 votes directly, with which you can determine your top 3 series. The choice cannot be undone.

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Since there are many series about games, we have made an editorial selection with this list. If you know a specific series that is really awesome but is missing from our list, tell us about it in the comments.

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Tell us: what are the best video game TV series out there right now? What do you like most about it? Are there any TV series or films that haven’t been released yet that you’re really looking forward to?

Let us know in the comments and have fun voting.

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