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Are you a Pokemon fan? These are the Android apps you need to know about

Maybe enjoy pokemon in 2022 turn out to be a challenge for players with no experience in the saga. the pokemon universe it is filled with all kinds of creatures with multiple variations and statistical subtleties that can confuse any player.

The good news is that there are many tools available to the community outside of video games to help them on their way to becoming Pokemon masters. Among these are the useful Pokemon-based Android apps, whether official from Nintendo or from third parties.

In this article we will share with you the best pokemon apps to download on android outside of video games Pokemon GO either pokemon unite.


If what you’re looking for is information about the hundreds of Pokemon available in series dataDex It’s probably the best you’ll find. This simple app has a beautiful and intuitive interface so you can easily navigate through the extensive catalog of Pokemon.

Wearing dataDex you will find everything you need to know about a pokemon, such as its variations, its statistics, where to find it in each game and more. You can also find information about the objects, including latest games.

For those looking for a little more, dataDex has a pro version that helps you form Pokemon teams for the competitive. This version It’s free if you have the Google PlayPass.

You can download dataDex at this link.

Nuzlocke Chart

In the pokemon series there are no difficulty options, something that many players have missed. However, one way to play pokemon on “hard” mode is through the challenge Nuzlocke.

It is a series of rules self-imposed by the player and considered an achievement among community members. For example, if a Pokemon faints you will not be able to use it again, and you will only be able to capture one Pokemon per route.

To keep track of these rules, it is helpful to have a tool that serves as travel journal in each Pokemon game. For it is Nuzlocke Chart, an app that will guide you through this difficult Pokemon challenge. The tool will allow you to keep track of all the events in your trip, including the important battles and the limit of carried Pokemon.

It is the definitive version of the old «Route Chart», created from scratch for Android. You can share your games and brag about your achievements in the nuzlocke challengealthough you will need the pro version for some functions.

You can download Nuzlocke Chart at this link.

poké genie

Is pokemon app for android is specifically designed for competitive Pokemon GO players. In it you will find important information about the Pokemon such as their types and stats. The app will even take the liberty of change the name of your pokemon referencing their best stats so you can quickly find them among others.

However, what makes this app stand out the most is because may appear on top of the Pokemon GO app when reviewing a Pokemon. In this way you will have access to additional relevant information, such as the IVs, a PC calculator and even the movement sets.

you can download poké genie in this link.


Bulbapedia is without a doubt the most complete wiki that exists as for the series Pokemon it means. It has all sorts of details about Pokemon, not only about their types and stats, but also about his origins and appearances in games or anime.

All information in this encyclopedia may be at your fingertips for free in Android, with guides and interesting articles. For those who want to have offline access, you can opt for a paid version. Sometimes servers can crash, which makes sense considering the popularity of the app and all the information it offers for free.

you can download Bulbapedia in this link.

Pokétch: Shiny Hunt Counter

If what you are looking for isfind the shiny versions of your Pokemon, Pokétch: Shiny Hunt Counter it will be one of your best tools in every game.

Pokétch has a feature known as ShinyApp that will help you keep track of your search for shiny pokemon. To do this you will have to enter the name of your Pokemon, the search method and the game of the series. From there, the app will show you your odds and keep a record of cHow many tries did you need to find the shiny variation?.

The best is that after capturing a shiny Pokemonyou will be able to share the achievement with other members of the community, including your capture attempts, number of stepstime, etc.

You can download Pokétch at this link.


This is the most popular app for Pokemon TCG fanseven more than the official nintendo app for the card game.

This is because Pokécardex offers more features than the official app. For example, it will allow you freely organize your card collections, with fast searches and an intuitive deck editor. In addition, it has information from the entire series and is regularly updated with the latest announcements. great for any Pokemon TCG collector.

You can download Pokécardex at this link.

pokemon tv

Of course, we can’t leave out the fans of the amazing animations of the Pokemon series.

This app is the streaming service par excellence of the series in Androidas it will allow you to enjoy hundreds of chapters and will keep track of your progress. You can resume a chapter from where you left off and receive notifications when new chapters are added. It also has official movies and short animations.

You can download Pokemon TV at this link.

Pokemon Home

Being an official app of Nintendo, Pokemon Home it’s probably the best pokemon companion app available in Android.

It is a service in the cloud that will allow you store all your pokemon captured in different titles of the series and easily transfer them to others. Cloud technology allows players to bring their favorite monsters from Pokemon GO to main series games like Pokemon Sword and Shield. It is even compatible with Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Bankwhich includes the popular Pokemon X & Y.

You can download Pokemon Home at this link.

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