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Are you looking for a monitor for Xbox Series? We recommend the new Philips Momentum 5000, simply brutal – Xbox

In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to fully test one of the new monitors that Philips has launched, created with the aim of playing in the best possible conditions. Until now, I had always played with my consoles on televisions and had never tried monitors for it, so I was very curious to try a monitor of this feature with the new Xbox consoles. I have tested it to be more accurate on both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but in the same way you could do it on PC or PlayStation consoles.

The monitor that I have been able to test is the 27-inch Philips Momentum 5000, as I have mentioned above, I have tested it mainly with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and the truth is that the impressions have been impressive. I am not saying this to exaggerate, I have always played on television and I have noticed differences, some for the better and others not so much, but the experience with this Momentum 5000 It has been more than remarkable. We are talking about a monitor that has been created for the game and that is noticeable from the moment you remove the packaging and install it, its desEsports Extrasand its characteristics make it unique for its purpose, which is none other than to offer us great image quality. with a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time.


Philips Momentum 5000 for Xbox

The main characteristics of the monitor are the following:

  • LCD panel type – NanoIPS
  • Backlight Type – White LED system
  • Panel size – 27 inches / 68.5cm
  • Display Screen Overlay – Anti-reflective, 3 hrs, 25% fogging
  • Effective display area – 596,736 (H) X 335,664 (V)
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Maximum resolution – 2560 x 1440 @ 144Hz (HDMI); 2560 x 1440 @ 240Hz (DP)
  • Esports Extras density – 108.79 dpi
  • Response time – (typical) 1 ms (gray to gray)*
  • Low latency time – Yeah
  • Glow – 450cd/m²
  • Smart Contrast – Mega Infinity DCR
  • Contrast Ratio – (typical) 1000:1
  • Esports Extras point – 0.2331 x 0.2331mm
  • Vision angle – 178°(H)/178°(V) @ C/D > 10
  • No flicker – Yeah
  • Color range – (min) DCI-P3 98%*
  • Color range – (typical) NTSC 111.6%*, sRGB 131.9%*, Adobe RGB 92.9%*
  • HDR – Display HDR 600 certified
  • Image Enhancement – Smart Image game
  • Display Colors – 1.07 billion (10-bit, FRC)
  • Scan frequency – HDMI: 30-230kHz(H)/48-144Hz(V); PD: 30-255kHz(H)/48-240Hz(V)
  • SmartUniformity – 97 ~ 102%
  • Delta E – <2 (sRGB)
  • LowBlue mode – Yeah
  • EasyRead – Yeah
  • sRGB- Yeah
  • Adaptive Sync- Yeah

In the table above you can see some of its main characteristics, without going into depth in numbers, what I highlight the most is the size of its 27-inch screen, perfect for a desk, neither too big nor too small, I think it is the ideal size to play in front of a meter away. Another of the things that I liked the most is its viewing angle, I was quite reticent with monitors on this point, but this Philips desEsports Extrasmeans that almost from the position you look at you see the screen clearly and without reflections.

The response time is brutal, in this there is no comparison, it is perfectly thought out and each movement you make with the controller and its representation on the screen is totally immediate. The refresh rate of the Philips Momentum 5000 also helps a lot, with a maximum of 240 Hz that will be compatible with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to play games that offer 120 Hz. This is one of the most impressive points of the monitor , the refresh rate and how well everything moves with games that require agile movements and speed, such as with the new Call Of Duty. The Activision Shooter has been one of the games that I have tested for many hours and it responds perfectly, you feel that everything moves agile and fluid, what is needed for games with this type of demand in which you do not stop moving and happening stuff on screen I have also tried other types of more colorful games such as High On Life or A plague Tale: Requiem and the results have been just as good, showing well represented colors, as well as blacks without shadows or whitish areas.


Perhaps the only thing that hasn’t impressed me so much is its HDR, the monitor comes with DisplayHDR 600, which although it is true is enough for 27 inches, if you are used to Led or Oled televisions, it does not attract so much attention. If I value it inside a monitor, the result is quite good and does not create strange artifacts on the screen or anything similar.


  • Signal input – HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.4 x 2
  • HDCP – HDCP 1.4 (HDMI/DisplayPort), HDCP 2.2 (HDMI/DisplayPort)
  • usb:- USB-B x 1 (up), USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 4 (down, 2 with BC 1.2 fast charge)
  • Audio – (in/out) – Audio out
  • Synchronous input – separate synchronization

If you play on PC or want to use it on PC for both gaming and other work, you can also take advantage of it. The monitor offers us the possibility if we want to use it horizontally or vertically, obviously this for consoles does not make much sense, although perhaps something can occur to you, but on PC you can surely get much more out of it. From being able to play, use it as a double screen or directly work with it.

Where can I buy it?


through the Philips page You can see the model and the stores where they have it available, simply putting your portal code will tell you the nearest store to see it or buy it.

If you want to buy it online, there are several stores that have it available such as:

The price ranges between 750 and 800 euros, depending on the trade and the offer that the monitor may have at that time. Obviously, we are talking about a high-end monitor, with characteristics, size and desEsports Extrasthat make a difference with others in its segment. Here the tastes of each one will enter, but at least if you are going to play on Xbox, I can tell you that this is perfect for her and what the consoles offer with the screen overlap very well.