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Ark Survival Ascended: big disappointment for the dino game under Unreal Engine 5

ark survival ascended: big disappointment for the dino game under

Ark Survival Ascended should normally symbolize the renewal of the game ARK Survival Evolved but unfortunately the survival title offers several bad news.


Ark Survival Ascended is a survival game that is intended to completely replace Ark Survival Evolved which was released in 2015. In fact from the launch, the original game will completely stop its servers to make way for this “new episode” which is in fact a remaster of the first under the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. have to wait longer than expected to touch it.

Ark Survival Ascended, less delay and content

On April 1, 2023, coincidence of the calendar or not, we could discover Ark Survival Evolved which is a remaster of the first survival game under Unreal Engine. The goal for the developers is to make players wait until Ark 2, which is scheduled for the end of 2024. ARK Survival Ascended should contain the extension The Island and a revisited version of the mode Survival of the Fittest. Except that, initially planned for August 2023, everything is in fact postponed to October of the same year. And as bad news never comes alone, the said extension which was to arrive at the same time will not be available before December 2023, more than 2 months after the release of the remaster.

A chain of bad news

Very curious choice knowing all this, Ark: Survival Evolved will close on September 30 and iIt will not be possible to recover your progress right away. Indeed, the backup import will only be added from December 2023, and you will therefore have to start all over from the beginning if you are impatient. This is what very largely cool the players. Another strange fact, for the moment we have no trace of gameplay under Unreal Engine 5. The engine which is at the cutting edge of technology aims to bring a nice boost to the graphics to make the game more beautiful and bringing it decisively into the contemporary era. In addition to the game aspect, this new version should also include dynamic weather, interactive foliage for better immersion and the use of Nanite, Lumen and RTXDI technologies from the UE5. Finally, cross-platform for multiplayer, modding and anti-cheating will also be part of it. All this should be enough to wait until Ark 2 and its narrative campaEsports Extras(in addition to the multiplayer mode).


What do you think of this delay and the absence of the free DLC at the exit?

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