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Ark Survival Ascended: Release on Xbox postponed again – All information about PS4/PS5, innovations and more about the remake

ark survival ascended: release on xbox postponed again all

From today on it’s all about survival in Ark again.

The dinosaur survival hit Ark is back, although not with a second part, but in the revised Unreal Engine 5 version Ark Survival Ascended. The official release on PC is today, October 26th, but there are still some starting problems on the servers. Console owners, on the other hand, will have to be patient a little longer. We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Last update on November 16th: And the Ark shift greets you every day. How could it have been otherwise, but Ark: Survival Ascended has now been pushed from the end of this week to the beginning of next week. The PS5 version is still planned for the end of November 2023.

When is Ark Survival Ascended coming to PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles?

The game is currently only available on PC. The console versions were actually supposed to be released, but had to be postponed due to serious problems with multiplayer. But now there is new information about the two platforms:

  • Xbox Series X/S: from November 20th to 22nd, 2023
  • PS5: End of November 2023

Is it still coming to PS4/Xbox One? So far the game is only confirmed for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 and it will probably stay that way since it is an Unreal Engine 5 remake. So you have to make do with the original version on the old console.

Is there crossplay in Ark Survival Ascended?

Yes, you should be able to play together across different platforms. However, the console versions must of course first appear.

What is Ark Survival Ascended?

Ark Survival Ascended: Gameplay trailer for the remake of the dino survival game

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Ark Survival Ascended: Gameplay trailer for the remake of the dino survival game

Ark Survival Ascended is a remake of Ark: Survival Evolved, which is very popular on Twitch and Steam. The name says it all: of course it’s about survival. You end up on a mysterious island where you not only have to deal with other players, but also with dinosaurs.

As is typical of the genre, you are busy building bases and crafting in order to assert yourself in the open world wilderness.


What about my Ark: Survival Evolved save?

There’s good news: The servers for Ark: Survival Evolved were shut down this fall; Your old saves should also be available to you in the remake.

What are the innovations compared to the original?

Above all, you can expect graphical improvements as the game has been completely rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5. There are also other innovations:

The user interface, the split screen in local multiplayer and the camera have been adjusted. You can now set markers and ping anywhere on the map. Some new features have also been added, for example in the character editor or new items.


All extensions included: Ascended also comes as a complete package with all the DLCs that Evolved has received so far, and some of them have also been adjusted.

What happens next with Ascended after its release?

The game will continue to be provided with new content even after its release. So we can look forward to the roadmap. Not only new dinosaurs and seasonal events should appear post-launch. The story and gameplay should also be expanded.

What about Ark 2?


Ark 2 - The big survival game with Vin Diesel is coming next year - The big survival game with Vin Diesel is coming next year

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Ark 2 – The big survival game with Vin Diesel is coming next year – The big survival game with Vin Diesel is coming next year

Don’t worry, the already announced sequel Ark 2 is still in the works. The second part adheres to the multiplayer survival principle, but wants to put its story more in the foreground. This time the protagonist is Vin Diesel in the role of Santiago da Costa. In addition, the fighting should be expanded and become much more strategic.


The sequel is released as a console exclusive only for Xbox Series X/S, but is also coming to PC.

What about modding?

Ascended also features cross-platform modding. The mod browser can be accessed directly from the game itself. Old mods from Evolved should also be accessible.

What do you think of the new edition? Will you take a look and if so, will you be on PC right now or are you waiting for the console versions?