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Armarouge and Ceruledge Teraid Guide

At the end of January 2023 a new event has been announced for Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: the Teraincursion of Armarouge and Ceruledge. Both will appear more in the teraincursions of four and five stars, but the first will be only in Scarlet and the second in Purple. This event will be available from the day 3 to 5 February 2023, so it will last a weekend. Their teratypes are random. Here we will explain everything about this event and how you can defeat them.


Being four and five stars, it is not necessary to have passed the main story of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple to have access to these Teraincursions of Armarouge and Ceruledge. However, to play with friends it will always be necessary to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, although you can play alone or with bots. And although both are exclusive to each version, you can join a Teraid with another player who has the other edition to get the other Pokemon and complete the Pokedex.

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Armarouge and Ceruledge they may have their hidden ability Brittle armor. Therefore, it may be that if it is attacked by a physical movement, it lowers its defense, but increases its speed.


The stars indicate the difficulty level of the theraincursions in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. Being four and five stars, the Teraincursions of Armarouge and Ceruledge They won’t be particularly difficult. On the other hand, to have any of these two Pokemon you can capture a Charcadet in the wild and evolve it with auspicious armor so that it becomes Armarouge in Scarlet or cursed armor to transform into Ceruledge in purple. In another article we already explained how this Pokemon evolves.

So you could win the Teraincursions of Armarouge and Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Although it is true that the Teratype is random, in general the best Pokemon to face the Teraincursions of Armarouge and Ceruledge They are Tyranitar (Rock/Dark), greninja (Water/Dark) and Moonbraam (Dragon/Dark). Aside from being strong Pokemon, all three of them can be immune or resistant to several of the moves of both their Psychic, Fire, and Ghost-types.

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Ceruledge (Fire/Ghost) will have the attacks lament sword (Fire), with power 90, precision 100 and the ability to recover health; shadow claw (Ghost) with power 70, precision 100 and high probability of getting to do a critical hit and psychocut (Psychic) ​​with power 70, accuracy 100 and also high chance to do a critical hit. Secondly, Armarouge (Fire/Psychic) ​​will have cannon armor (Fire) with power 120, precision 100 and lowers defense and special defense by one level; Psychic (Psychic) ​​with power 90, accuracy 100, and a 10% chance to reduce your opponent’s Special Defense by one level; Y Darkness (Ghost) that reduces health points depending on the opponent’s level.

As previously mentioned, the Teratype of Armarouge and Ceruledge it will be random. And consequently, this makes it very difficult to decide which moves one Pokemon or another should use to be most effective. However, considering the movements of both and that the theraincursions are only four and five stars, it can’t be very difficult to defeat them anyway. However, it is recommended that the Pokemon has a good level and not go with just anyone.

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What will be the next Tera-raid event?

On February 13 and 14, 2023, an event for Valentine’s Day will be held in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple made by tandemaus (Normal). This Pokemon will appear more often in one, two, three, four and five star teraids and with any teratype, although the Fairy type will be more frequent.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It was released on November 18, 2022 for nintendoswitch. In nintenderos You can find many other game guides that can help you.

What do you think of the Teraincursions of Armarouge and Ceruledge in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple? Are you going to participate in the event?