Armored Core 6 will show gameplay, online and more with its new presentation, tonight

armored core 6 will show gameplay, online and more with

Tom Henry

Armored Core 6 will show gameplay, online and more with its new presentation, tonight

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FromSoftware reveal new details of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon with a presentation scheduled for tonight, which can be followed on YouTube and Twitch at 1:00 in the morning in the USApeninsula. The mecha action game launches on August 28 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and the video is dedicated to the game. gameplay of the missions, the PvP component -player against player- and the lore or background of your story.

The creators of Dark Souls will allow us assemble our own robot with various parts and weapons to move freely through the mission locations. “Face overwhelming opposition by outmaneuvering your enemies with dynamic moves that make the most of melee and ranged combat. Players will enjoy the fast-paced, fast-paced action only achieved with mecha,” the team says.

“Choose and equip your favorite pieces thanks to a robust customization system that can completely modify your game strategy, maneuverability and combat style“.

Explore Rubicon 3

On the remote planet Rubicon 3, a mysterious new substance has been discovered. As a source of energy, this substance was expected to drastically improve humanity’s technological and communication capabilities. Instead, it caused a catastrophe that engulfed the planet and surrounding stars in flames and storms, forming a fiery star system.

Now alien corporations and resistance groups are fighting for control of the substance. Our mission is to infiltrate Rubicon as an independent mercenary, which will put us in the middle of a struggle for substance with corporations and other factions.

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