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As Dusk Falls: His constant decision making has given me a hard time, but that’s exactly why I need to keep playing

I’m not particularly a fan of the series, I admit it. Really, I have only seen one from cover to cover and out of moral obligation, since the don draper story could not stay in the air. Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Dark and many more plots have passed before my eyes and I have not finished them off as I should have.

My problem is that I need to go on a real binge of episodes. As there is a cut of seasons, it is most likely that he will end up leaving. Nevertheless, Ace Dusk Falls It is already in the category of honorable exceptions. The work of Interior/Night has caught me so much during its first hours that I already have the release date marked in red on my calendar.


Thanks to the preview provided by Microsoft, I have reconciled myself to the absorbing plots. It has been two hours of departure for the first two chapters in which we are presented in a simple, clear and with a thread to always pullto their characters. In different time jumps, we can see how the lives of two families intersect in the worst possible way and with unexpected consequences. Of course, I will only give some brushstrokes of the story so as not to ruin the experience.

May 29, 1998, Route 66 in Arizona, United States. A family finds itself at a stop during their long trip to Missouri, and it may be the only time everything is perfectly normal. A father, controlled by us, plays with his daughter, the grandfather walks the dog and while the mother relaxes sleeping in the car.

However, the pieces on the board begin to move with daily conversations, which leave us with breadcrumbs to remember why there is such a bad relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law or our protagonist’s doubts about whether he should face his fears. Secondly, three brothers decide to rob the sheriff’s house of the city in a reckless action to seize good loot. They do not value risk, because they are already used to the world of crime.

Ace Dusk Falls

What is responsible for putting on the table Ace Dusk Falls they are people who feel tremendously real. They are indecisive, greedy, good-natured at times and brave when they shouldn’t be. However, it is we who push them in every direction with the decisions we make.

If you are regulars of the narrative adventures of Supermassive Games, Telltale Games or Don’t Nod, you already know what it’s about. Here the priority is to choose, to act, to think in a very short time what is the best action And what could it trigger? But unlike what I’ve experienced in the genre, the tension is absolutely constant.

The surprise as tonic

And it is that I have suffered playing Ace Dusk Fallsbut in the best possible way. In most cases, the options that they show you seem equally valid and from there arises a brutal indecision that must be resolved in fifteen seconds or less. I am talking about whether or not to reject a person from your life or whether we should ruthlessly attack from behind.

To add more drama, the study has fitted crucial moments as crossroads. Basically, we talk about limit situations in which the narrative will change drastically according to what we decide. Not content with making me bite my nails, if you hold out a little longer, a new decision may appear. A constant puzzle in which you feel like a fundamental piece and that reaches a brutal rhythm in a very short time.

Ace Dusk Falls

Script twists are also part of Interior/Night’s arsenal, with high points in the form of constant cliffhangers. To do this, he takes us to another moment with the same characters and reveals an intimacy, a secret that we could not intuit. After putting such a bomb on a tray, he returns us to the ring and makes us play with the new data in mind.

Finally, after finishing each chapter, Ace Dusk Falls It shows us what results we have obtained. There is no real rating, our qualities are simply highlighted, whether positive or negative. In addition, a huge visual map shows all possible branches with the percentages of players who made each decision. With so many forks, the replayability aims to be quite high.

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Venture in company

I’ve had a fabulous time playing by myself, but the developer offers a radically different experience. It is possible to play in multiplayer format with eight simultaneous users, locally or online (or a combination). As if that weren’t enough, you don’t even need to know how to control a command or have another one to start a joint game.

With a complementary application, we can play in a simple way, so accessibility is the order of the day. The work is very permeable to all kinds of audiences, with constant guides on how to react to different events. We can’t just sit back and watch like we do in The Quarry, but we have a lot of tools put in front of us and we’re told what we can do with each one.

Ace Dusk Falls

The work of Interior/Night breathes the atmosphere of the great American series and all this is helped by a truly formidable performance by its actors. The aesthetic is that of a moving graphic novel, so we see the actions of each of the characters in different frames. Fundamental and remarkable in this aspect is the dubbing into Spanish, with luxury voices.

I’m caught in the web Ace Dusk Falls and I don’t want to do more than wrap myself in it after leaving me with honey on my lips. The July 19 everything will be ready so that, on Xbox Series X/S, PC, Steam and from the first day on Xbox Game Pass, the surprises jump.

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