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Ashfall: A post-apocalyptic MMO shooter, closed beta in July

ashfall: a post apocalyptic mmo shooter, closed beta in july

Ashfall was first announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, but only recently received a new trailer (below) and the announcement of a Closed beta test in July.

Ashfall releases on PC and mobile, and perhaps some concessions have been made because of that.


And even if Ashfall turns out to be a bit bumpy, it might be nice to investigate a wasteland we haven’t seen before.

Ashfall is obviously inspired by Fallout, but publisher NetEase notes that its “eastern-inspired wasteland” is “an aesthetic rarely seen in post-apocalyptic games“. “From the decorations on Hope Town’s festive shelters to the hall filled with Eastern Shrines, players will have the chance to experience a new kind of wasteland in Ashfall.writes NetEase.

We don’t see a lot of direct gameplay, but the glimpses we get show over the shoulder shooting and a bit of home customization. NetEase describes Ashfall as follows:

“At its core, Ashfall is a third-person shooter, with players fighting side by side and exploring dangerous dungeons in search of loot. The combat system involves elements of shooting from cover, where players move between vantage points to reach the enemy’s blind spot and fight from a safe position. In addition to the combat, the trailer also showcases Ashfall’s puzzle, home-building, and weapon-crafting systems, allowing players to engage in different survival experiences in this post-apocalyptic world.”

The game is yet to be officially launched (scheduled for the third quarter of 2024) but you can already try the game in its closed beta phase for free starting in July 2023, by registering on its official page