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Ashika Island, the new map coming to Warzone 2

fans of Warzone 2 They are celebrating after the last confirmation of Infinity Ward. The company has unveiled the new resurgence map for the battle royale: Ashika Island. This new scenario will come with the Season 2 on February 15, but a large part of the community does not want to waste time and is already analyzing this map to know where to drop in the future. Some of these locations are already recognized due to their appearances in titles of Call of Duty.

Al Mazrah Its days are numbered to the joy of a large number of players of the battle royale. The second season of shooter will witness the birth of Ashika Island, a new scenario that has different themes set mainly in what appears to be a Japanese territory. This island will be available from February 15 for both Resurgence and DMZ. There are still two weeks left for it, but the players more tryhards They are taking advantage of the official image to analyze the most attractive areas of the stage. However, on social networks they have been leaking from some key points in that Japanese area.

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The points of Ashika Island of Warzone 2

Tsuki Castle, Town Center, Beach Club, Port Ashika, Shipwreck, Residential, Oganikku Farms and Underground Waterway are the large locations marked out on the new battlefield. Despite having a general theme as already mentioned, some are very different from each other. For example in beach club you can see a water slide and even a giant trampoline. For its part, the center will be marked by a samurai-style castle surrounded by traditional cherry trees.

However, heor more prominent would be the areas near the edges of the map. As it is an island, areas such as ports, beaches and freighters take center stage while some walkways that appear above the sea could also be highlighted. During all these days, even more images about this Japanese island are expected to leak, but if you want to avoid any spoilers and get surprises, it is best to wait until February 15, at which time the second season of Warzone 2.


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