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Asmongold gets fed up with ads on Twitch and closes the stream

During the last years, there are many content creators who have grown on Twitch. Among them is asmongoldone of the streamers most famous in relation to the creation of content of world of warcraft. He currently has almost three and a half million followers on his main account and another million on the secondary. His mastery and good work in the . It has brought you to your current position.

Throughout his career as streamer, Asmongold has never been afraid to speak his mind from big companies like Blizzard and even twitch. And that happened a few days ago when she came across a series of ads that popped up when she was reacting to a streaming of Elden Ring. Just when the ad came on, the content creator he leaned back and sighed.


Asmongold gets fed up with ads on Twitch

It is not the first time that he streamer says what he thinks of Twitch’s behavior. Already last year he stated that the situation was unfortunate regarding the “creator incentive” for ads. And this anger was evident live when he was watching the streaming already mentioned. So much so that he decided to close his own direct. «I’m going to sleep, I can’t take this anymore. See you tomorrow» said the creator as he leaned back.


It becomes clear that Twitch still has a lot to work on, especially considering that the platform wants to distance itself from what traditional television offers us. However, as the years go by we come across more ads which, according to Twitch, are used to pay and provide more benefits to content creators who are active on the platform.

Will we see early changes or will Twitch continue this trend?


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