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Asmongold’s reaction to the departure of the Blizzard manager

In Activision Blizzard They don’t have two quiet days. The company’s relationship with its player base is quite fractured and it doesn’t look like this is going to change anytime soon. Days ago, Brian Birmingham confirmed that He left the company in protest due to bad employee evaluation policies.

The one who until then was a worker for Blizzard seriously criticized a kind of cumulative evaluation system. This created ‘quotas’ that gave employees reviews below what they should have been. The turning point for Brian came the day he was forced to lower one of those evaluations. That was the moment when the frustration got the better of him.


After seeing everything that happened, the community has turned to Birmingham. Among all the players we find one of the most influential in the sector: asmongold. The main content creator in twitch from Blizzard’s MMO applauded Birmingham’s action and her courage in making such a gesture.


Asmongold and his reaction to the departure of the Blizzard manager

«It’s been a real Esports Extraschad momentAsmongold said as he read through everything that had transpired. «I am very happy to see something like this. You know what’s really funny? That if everyone in the company said and did the same as him, this policy would stop being carried out in no time and less“, highlighted the content creator.

Far from it, Asmongold believes that things should not stop there. As he claims, all workers should mobilize to get what they really deserve. Thus, Asmongold emphasizes that he prefers to suffer some short-term inconveniences in his video games to avoid all these problems that have come to light.


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