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ASRock allows you to transform an AMD B650 motherboard into X670


ASRock allows you to transform an AMD B650 motherboard into X670

The never seen, and it is that today we ran into the ASRock X670 XPANSION KIT. In essence, it is a pci card which, in addition to allowing you to expand the PC with a couple of additional M.2 ports, integrates a second AMD B650 chip to your motherboard also B650. In essence, by combining two B650 chips, your motherboard truly becomes an AMD X670. This card was shown off by the Level1Techs YouTube channel.

In case you didn’t know, the AMD B650 offers a single-chip desEsports Extrascalled Promontory 21 (AVG21). On the other hand, the AMD X670E and AMD X670 are essentially two AMD B650 chips / Promontory 21. the sum of both doubles connectivity system quickly and easily. Interestingly, this was the method designed by AMD to lower costs. It was cheaper to integrate two identical chips than to desEsports Extrasa new high-end chip with this expanded connectivity.

This is the ASRock X670 XPANSION KIT


As we can see, it essentially looks like a conventional expansion card. What’s more, this motherboard also expands connectivity via three USB ports, a USC-C @ 10 Gbps and even connectivity 10Gbps Ethernet (A B650 offers 2.5 Gbps as standard.) To this is added space for two NVMe SSDs via the M.2 connector attached to the PCIe 4.0 interface. Despite all this, there is still space to hide another AMD B650 chipset inside.

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Mind you, ASRock has been smart. In addition to being the first product of its kind that we see on the market, it is linked to an exclusivity with ASRock motherboards. In essence, you have to look closely at the compatibility with ASRock motherboards, since not everything depends on the PCIe interface. Additionally, uses a special connector. This implies that a special motherboard would also be required for its use linked to a BIOS update. In other words, it would not be compatible with all current motherboards.

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For now, the company will not commercialize the idea. For now they have the product, and they will have to assess whether something like this is interesting or not. Everything will depend on the price of a product of this nature, and if really many users with an AMD B650 motherboard would be able to pay extra to have access to an AMD X670 chipset.

Differences between AMD X670 and AMD B650 chipset


The differences are not many, and it is that the AMD X670 gives access to the PCI Express 4.0 interface for the GPU and PCI Express 5.0 SSD drives. motherboards AMD B650 they do not differ. PCI-Express 4.0 for the GPU, and maintains PCIe 5.0 for SSD storage units. Of course, the PCIe 5.0 it’s optional. Depending on the motherboard you buy, it may be PCIe 5.0 or PCIe 4.0.

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Additionally, the AMD B650 offers access to a total of 36 PCIe lanes. Add to this up to 6x USB @ 10 Gbps ports, 1x USB 20 Gbps port and allows the motherboard to have up to 4x SATA III ports. The AMD X670 offers a total of 48 PCIe lanes usable. Doubles the number of USB ports (12x at 10 Gbps and 2x at 20 Gbps), and allows up to 8x SATA III ports.

Obviously, an AMD X670 motherboard brings more improvements. These motherboards can also incorporate a higher quality PCB, a more powerful VRM, and of course, a more advanced cooling system. In essence, if you are thinking of buying an AMD B650 motherboard with a future upgrade, it would make more sense. buy directly the AMD X670. If you don’t have money for it, then this ASRock X670 XPANSION KIT card is born here for a future update.

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