AsRock RAM stickers cause RMA on their x670E boards

Very recently the Ryzen 7000 have arrived on the market and, with them, the AM5 platform has been released with various models of motherboards with X670 and X670E chipset. These will power AMD processors for years to come, just as the previous AM4 platform did. However, just a few days after its launch we already find users asking for RMAreturning their motherboards, because AsRock had the great idea to put stickers in the modules RAM in their plates X670E.

There has been quite a bit of hype with the new AMD processors, since they are a good performance jump compared to the Ryzen 5000. The jump to Zen 4 with the Ryzen 7000 has meant quite notable performance gains in games, and even more so in tasks of productivity. But along with this, if we want to upgrade to the newer CPUs, we find ourselves needing to buy a new high-end X670 or X670E board. All this, hoping that the PCIe 5.0 of the SSD and the GPU, together with the DDR5 RAM, are components that last in the long term. What many users did not expect is that their motherboards have to be replaced due to the decision of a popular brand to put stickers that leave adhesive residue.

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Stickers on RAM modules on X670E boards leave residue

AsRock X670E Steel Legend RAM Memory Sticker

A few days ago, several users in the networks began to demand returns of their motherboards to receive a replacement of these, something we know as RMA. If we were wondering how it was possible that we already knew of RMA cases when not even a week had passed since the market launch, something serious would be happening. In the absence of possible theories that it could be a widespread hardware or software failure, nothing is further from the truth. Affects only to models of AsRock motherboards with X670E chipsetbecause of a decision of the company.

And it is that, AsRock decided to put a sticker or sticker on RAM modules DDR5 mode installation guide. This information was provided on the correct way to install the RAM modules, together with an explanation message on the very long boot time. As we know, the first BIOS Boot on the Ryzen 7000 was initially several minutes long, but this is already known. fixed with updates. Therefore, not only does this informative sticker not inform correctly, but also when trying to remove it, it leaves residues. Apparently, according to comments from affected users, the stickers are too sticky and do not remove as easily as they should.

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So, by trying, users like the one in this AsRock X670E Steel Legend, have been in the situation of having pieces of sticker that prevent a correct installation of the RAM. We may think that it is silly, that it can be easily removed, but keep in mind that they are motherboards that cost more than 400 euros. In addition, the vast majority of users do not want to fix this type of fudge for fear that they could make the situation worse.

AsRock to the rescue: RMA and plate replacement for victims

AsRock X670E Sticker RAM

Fortunately, user complaints have reached AsRock and it has decided to provide solutions. To do this, he has written a official statement to deal with this particular issue. In this, AsRock declares that he is aware of the comments of those affected by the stickers on the RAM modules of AM5 boards with X670E chipset and gives a quick solution, do RMA. He thus ensures that if any customer has problems with the RAM due to adhesive residue or simply can not remove these, he should contact the seller to request an RMA.

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This means that this problem with the stickers is serious enough to be a reason for a return and replacement of the motherboard. It also adds that these stickers on the RAM modules they are only present on the first batch of AM5 motherboards by AsRock. That is why the company ensures that they will remove the stickers after finalizing the sale of this initial batch. Regarding the affected models, AsRock does not give details, but we have seen in a quick glance the X670E Steel Legend and the X670E Taichiboth high-end and expensive motherboards.

In the event that we are affected by one of these stickers on our motherboard and we want to remove it effectively on our own, we can always apply some heat to facilitate the process. If not, we already know that we can choose to RMA and receive a motherboard replacement.