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Astralis offers a trade for Staehr

Anders Horsholt, CEO from Astralis, has already warned of the revolution that will come to his team after not getting a place in the IEM Río Major 2022. After confirming the outputs of k0nfig and Tracethe Danish organization would be interested in signing Victor “Staehr” Staehr as leaked by Jaxon. Farlig also appears involved in this negotiation, a player who could enter the barter and who would leave a gap for a AWPer.

The Astralis leadership seems to be not very happy with the sports results of 2022 in its department of CS:GO And big changes are coming. The Danish organization will miss the second Major of 2022 after a few very intense weeks that will hardly be forgotten. Astralis confirmed a few days ago the departure of k0nfig and the latter published the heartbreaking story explaining his injury after suffering a beating in Malta. Later, the crimson star made official the trace output, coach of the main team who came from the academy at the beginning of the year. In this latest statement, future “changes” and “improvements” in the template were warned.

Not even two days have passed and the first possible signing has already been leaked. According to Jaxon, Astralis has asked Sprout about Victor.”staehr» Staehr, rifler only 18 years old. The Danish player has been one of the great responsible for putting Sprout in the legends phase of the Rio Major with great performances, becoming one of Denmark’s young talents. I would enter this negotiation, information also from Jaxon, Asger «Farlig»Jensen, AWPer Dane who has been in the spotlight since his arrival in the quintet.

All this will have to be analyzed after the Major, since no changes will be made to the squads that participate in the big event of the CS:GO. Until then, Astralis will have to analyze its chances on the Danish market. The possible exit of Farlig could confirm the expected and rumored return of Device. A new trainer should be added to this “revolution”, but there are doubts about the future of Gla1ve, blameF and Xyp9x. The latter has a contract with Astralis until 2025.

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