ASUS fine-tunes its ROG Ally console with a host of updates

asus fine tunes its rog ally console with a host of

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ASUS fine-tunes its ROG Ally console with a host of updates

It is the great rival of the Steam Deck and although it has just come out quite refined in hardware and software, it still needs a lot of changes to be fine. It has been one of the main critics of this console and for this reason ASUS has ready the first package of updates that will improve the present and that are arriving depending on the country or continent where we live. These are the first updates from the ASUS ROG Ally, where does it improve?

There have been minor updates for now, some to fix problems of the first magnitude, but now what we will see are substantial changes, some still unspecified, but which are widely expected because users continue to make certain complaints. The question is whether they will be resolved with these updates, so let’s get to know them.

ASUS ROG Ally, new important updates


As we say, we have the data for many of them, but not for others, at least at the time of writing this article. The main ones arrive in three phases, with the first being an update related to the BIOSwhich reaches the version 319. For its part, and being the second, it is related to the mcu from AMD up to version 308 dated June 9, that is, only three days ago.

Last but not least, there is the ACSEwhich goes up to version 1.2.10 unveiled last night. As a minor measure and update, ASUS has taken another leap forward in its overall Armory Crate SE software, which now also undergoes an update to fix bugs and enable smooth installation for ASUS ROG Ally.

That said, the commented updates have a series of details that should be covered, although they are not all as such, since they are said to be yet to be revealed. Likewise, we will touch on those that we do know are going to be updated or corrected, since they have been seen in France and it seems that they are reaching Germany and our country. So let’s get to know the updates to the ASUS ROG Ally.



  • Silent TDP mode has been changed from 9W to 10W.
  • Added support for Extreme Modern Standby.


  • Added support for Extreme Modern Standby.



  • new feature: Extreme Modern Standby extends device standby time by disabling some non-essential features while in standby mode.
  • UX improvement– Refined language translation for Armory Crate and added Indonesian language.
  • UX improvement: Optimize the position of the mouse cursor when switching between control modes.
  • UX improvement– Optimized the game art selection process for new titles in the game library.
  • Bug fix: Resolved the occasional issue with the mouse cursor not selecting the correct item in certain programs.

It is speculated that changing the Silent TDP mode to 1W will help in that mode to obtain a best performance with minimal battery cost. Apparently, ASUS is relying on user complaints to dictate which updates are preferred and which are not, so it is not focusing on extracting more performance for now in general, but on giving owners a better user experience. ASUS ROG Ally through these updates.

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