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ASUS ROG Phone 3 -The Game Changer

Gaming Device

Best Gaming Phone of 2021 that don’t let you in  the heat of Battle.

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Image Credit : ASUS

The First-ever gaming phone gives you a console gaming experience. The ROG Phone 3 is the most powerful gaming phone which uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G mobile platform. 5G is the most advanced mobile communication compatibilities, This phone is designed to fully fill the greed of gamers. This phone consists of a 144Hz /1 ms display with a 270Hz sampling rate and 25ms touch latency that leaves the competition standard.

The purpose of this phone is desEsports Extrasto give the best RAM, with the best Processor, and also give a powerful display refresh rate which automatically turns the game into a 144 (fps) gaming experience. All gamers know the importance of FPS in every Framing Game.

Companies like ASUS and RAZER – names that gamers are likely well – acquainted with by now. Purpose to built gaming-focused handsets. But recent flagships from Samsung and Oneplus and also Apple, with their class-leading specs, are also great for demanding titles.

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  • Best Phone overall
  • Logest- Lasting Phones.
  • Best battery Life for android phones

If You like to play FORTNITE  or ARENA Of VALOR on the go. These are the best phone for the job.

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Why ASUS ROG Phone 3 for Gaming ?

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The reason is that there are three things about the Armory crates – Game Library -, Console and also Double Charging ports and Featured section where you can adjust your game setting randomly and according to your own will. This phone can Run all the Games like ( PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, League of Legends, Asphalt 9 ) These games want heavy resolution and fps.

ROG Phone 3 Armory Crate. Image Credit : ASUS

The Rog 3 interesting feature is Game Genie: Floating ToolBar to Quick Switch Setting which is a very important feature where you double tasking during gameplay in case of emergency, in this way your game never be distracted.

Every Gamers Want DOUBLE CHARGING PORTS, Why ?

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This Phone Gives you a double charging port. Why double charging port? The reason is simple, In every FPS game you can use your both hand for better gaming experience and combat in Normal phone there is only 1 charging port and in case of long-lasting gaming and your battery drain out and single port charging distract your handgrip on phone and you can lose your loot. So that’s why ROG 3 is truly built for gamers and the Second port is added in the middle of the phone as you can see in the picture :

Image Credit ; ASUS

At Last – every phone is our best to buy phone according to your desire and gaming requirement. Comment me your Gaming device name and which game you most like to play on your phone …!

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