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ASUS Unveils Its First Handheld Console: The Ultra-Powerful ASUS ROG ALLY – Xbox

asus unveils its first handheld console: the ultra powerful asus rog

The Steam Deck finally looks like it will have a worthy and dangerous competitor. ASUS, under its ‘Republic of Gaming’ gaming label, presents its first portable console, the new ROG Ally, a powerful gaming device that will come directly equipped with Windows 11 and a new AMD processor specially designed for it: the new AMD Ryzen Z1 .

Although the new console, weighing only 608 grams, is the protagonist, the great secondary is precisely this new AMD APU, since it will have RDNA 3 technology, something that not even the consoles of this generation support. Everything to be able to support the latest AAA games with more graphic load, which we can fully enjoy with its 120Hz Full HD display compatible with Adaptive Sync and a maximum brightness of 500 nits, which to top it off, is also tactile.


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