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Atlas Fallen requires 25-30 hours for each task

The next action RPG of Deck13, Atlas Fallen, It was one of the big titles scheduled for May, but it was ultimately pushed back to August. As the developer works on polishing the game, co-founder and creative director Jan Klose spoke to SegmentNext about its length. It is unknown how long it takes to complete the story, but if you want to finish each task, it can take 25-30 hours.

Aside from the main quest, there are various side activities. Klose replied:


“In addition to many side quests, there are many hidden puzzles in the world. For example, you can acquire treasure maps that will lead you to hidden riches… But sometimes the map has been torn to pieces, requiring another round of treasure hunting beforehand!

“In addition, there are relics from days gone by that can be activated, and some might lead you down a path that you need to follow to find more secrets.”

Watchtowers also have an evil spell on their part of the land. Defeat the challenging enemy responsible, and you can transform part of the level (presumably by lifting the spell).


Atlas Fallen is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC on August 10. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where corrupted gods have terraformed the world and subjugated humans.