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Atlus asks Xbox fans again if they are interested in Persona and other JRPGs

Atlus launches an extensive survey each year to measure player interest in your products. It is a questionnaire where it is asked, for example, if one would like to play Person on Switch or to Shin Megami Tensei in virtual reality; and last year, also about the interest of playing the next installments of Etrian Odyssey, Person Y Shin Megami Tensei on Xbox; as well as the interest in seeing re-releases of games like Person 5: Royal, 13 Sentinels: Aegis RimShin Megami Tensei IVamong many others, in the Microsoft console.

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But if the middle Windows Center echoes this news is not because they ask again, but because this time they do it with a survey aimed at the North American public, where there will obviously be more gamers interested in enjoying those award-winning JRPGs on Xbox consoles than in Japan. Question 38 of the questionnaire specifically gives the option “I would like to play on Xbox” to the upcoming deliveries of Person (person 6 is already announced) and Etrian Odyssey.

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The results of this survey clearly not binding. More than two years ago, through the same questionnaire, Japanese users were asked about their interest in seeing games like person 5 Y Dragon’s Corwn Pro on Nintendo Switch. Although they admitted that they had never received so many responses, neither title is available on the hybrid console.

Soul Hackers 2 coming to Xbox premiere

However, and as a diffuse ray of hope, there are two titles that were on the list and ended up coming to Switch: Catherine: Full Body Y 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Also, returning to Xbox, we must not forget the surprise that was the announcement of the premiere of Soul Hackers 2 simultaneously on Xbox, PlayStation and PC next August 26, 2022. Therefore, perhaps the survey is taken into account more than it seems in the short term.

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