Atlus filters Persona 3 Remake and a new Persona 5. A wave of doubts for fans, but very good news for PC gamers | Top News

atlus filters persona 3 remake and a new persona 5.

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Atlus filters Persona 3 Remake and a new Persona 5. A wave of doubts for fans, but very good news for PC gamers | Top News

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In recent years, Persona’s popularity has imploded. to go from being a niche PlayStation spin-off To postulate itself as one of the most powerful RPG sagas, the pedigree of the Atlus franchise is undeniable. person 3 It is, without a doubt, one of its most beloved installments, and the rumors of a remake made it clear that there was a desire to see that game modernized. Now, their own creators they have leaked itand there has been no shortage of criticism, but neither has there been a lack of good news for PC fans gaming.

New projects in the Persona saga

And it is that after days talking about a new version of person 3, Atlus slipped up and posted the trailer for Persona 3 Realoaded on its Instagram and other accounts. With a renewed graphic section in the purest Persona 5 style, this game will be a complete remake of the SEES adventure fighting against the shadows of Tartarus.

Contrary to what happens with the remastering of Persona 3 Portable, in Reloaded we will be able to visit the settings With every little detailwe will have a completely new interface and a combat system which aims to look more like the latest installment of the franchise than the original. Of course, there are some details that do not end up satisfying the most hardcore fans of the saga.

The atmosphere was already heated when it was announced that the remastering of Persona 3 would not have the epilogue of the game, called The Answer, and now gossip suggests that, since nothing of this is seen in the trailer, it is possible that it is not in its remake either. On the other hand, the lack of the female lead of the game has not gone unnoticed either. Finally, announce the remake only 5 months after the release of the remaster it has also not gone down well with a group of first-time gamers. Even so, it should be noted that still We do not know whether or not this remake will include The Answer and an alternate route.

Persona 3 Remake has not been the only thing that has leaked, and that is that Persona 5 will have a new title in its saga. Called Persona 5 Tacticit is, you guessed it, a role-playing / strategy video game starring the characters from Persona 5. Little is known about it, but if we follow the trajectory of the franchise, we can deduce that it will take place after the events of Persona 5.

The PC, now the leading platform

The big news for us, yes, is given by the endings of both trailers, announcing a simultaneous release on consoles and PCplus both games will land on gamepass day 1. Persona 5 Tactica will be available on November 17while the remake of Persona 3 will arrive at early next year.

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