Atomic Heart does not have performance problems on PC, but our version is not without criticism

One of the most powerful releases of the month of February is, without a doubt, Atomic Heart. He retrofuturistic russian shooter It’s on many people’s wish lists, and its inherently fishbowl air makes it one of the most anticipated on our platform. The fears about his performance were there, but the title has delivered in that regard. Even so, that has not prevented it from receiving criticism from the community.

With the number of triple-A video games that have come out with FPS drops, crashes, and other issues on our platform, each new release is watched with nervousness before its release. The latest case is Wild Hearts, which has problems so severe that even its audio can wreck your performance. Atomic Heart, luckily, complies in this regardbut there are other faces of the title that have disappointed.

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And no, I am not referring to his story or his gameplay, but to options that players miss, or that just don’t work well. Although it is true that in technical aspects the title of Mundfish gets an approval with flying colors, some elements of our version are not convincing, and the negative reviews They have not been slow to criticize them.

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Complaints go on two different fronts. On the one hand, the title forces the mouse acceleration, not letting it deactivate. This is disastrous for those who play with keyboard and mouse, and even more so within hectic games like this. The thing does not end there, and it is that the game does not allow set field of viewsomething that affects especially those who play in ultra-wide resolutions, for which the title is not optimized.

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Despite that, if we go to the Atomic Heart Steam page, we find that its reviews have a very healthy percentage of positivity, reaching almost 90% at the time of writing this article. On top of that, the problem with ultra-wide monitors seems to be rectified thanks to the Flawless Widescreen tool. Still, these are relatively easy things to fix, and it’s very likely that we’ll see a patch for it sooner rather than later.