Atomic Heart gains up to 20 more FPS on AMD with this trick, and it will take you just a few seconds to apply

Atomic Heart has been released on PC with surprisingly good performance on PC. We say this because, for some time now, making an optimization guide for a game under Unreal Engine 4 has never been so easy. Of course, in AMD, the players have a problem: the FSR 1.0 is deprecatedbut here is a temporary fix.

As always, with these types of issues, we have to rely on the gaming community to pull off some mess. In this case, we have to resort to Reddit and the TOWeither Temporal Anti-Aliasing Upsamplingfor save some FPS if we use AMD graphics cards.

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Although Temporal Anti-Aliasing Upsampling is far from offering the performance of the most up-to-date versions of FSR and DLSS, we are talking about the scaling that Unreal Engine offers natively. With this, we can select a smaller virtual resolution, which will then be scaled to our screen. With this, we will gain some performance, and it is as easy as opening the .ini file of the game and paste what you will see below at the end of the file:

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You will find the .ini file in the following path: “C:\Users~Username~\AppData\Local\AtomicHeart\Saved\Config\WinGDK\Engine.ini”






With this, we will reduce the image quality by 25%, but we will apply a post processing and scaled to it to match the native resolution of our monitor. Although it is not the best option, for this we will have to wait for an official adjustment, it makes us gain a 20fps average further.

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For the moment, the next steps of the Russian study include incorporating some options such as FOV or improving mouse acceleration. However, in the “errands” of the development team there is also ray tracing, an option that disappeared at launch, despite the fact that it was said that at least on PC, it would arrive.