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Atomic Heart has upside down streetlights on PC and PlayStation, and you can only see them in the first 5 minutes

Atomic Heart is insane. Almost as much as what their trailers promised? Perhaps, although for that you will have to resort to the analysis of Alberto Pastor in Esports Extras, but I can tell you that he ended up happy. However, those who are not very happy are the civil engineers, and it is that the shooter russian features upside down streetlights in the game, at least in its first section, and it is something that only happens on PC and PS5.

The situation is doubly curious. Crooked streetlights? Yes, but it gets even weirder when we talk about just 2 versions of the 9 that the game has, those of PlayStation and PC Are affected. Extremely curious, but that’s how it is and we can see it in the first 4 minutes of the adventure

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walking by chielomiey we can delight ourselves with the views of the Soviet city of the future, and with some lampposts that point in opposite directions. once we let’s get off the boat and we go to the squarewe will be able to see how some lampposts point to the trees, others to the walls, while the last ones focus, as one might expect, on the park promenade.

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In fact, it is only necessary to check the Xbox Series X version to see that, indeed, something happens with the PC and PlayStation versions. We have verified that, indeed, on PC Game Pass also have this same problemSo neither the Steam version nor the Microsoft ecosystem version will save us from it. We only have to watch the video of The Bit Analyst to realize that there is something wrong.


Image of Atomic Heart (Mundfish)

Those 2 lampposts shouldn’t be placed like this

For what is this? Well, the truth is that you don’t know. It is a somewhat funny error, but it does not enter our heads what or how it happened. We understand that, perhaps, the compilations of both versions are different and those of PC and PS5 are similar, so they will have suffered this change for the worse.

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Be that as it may, this does not prevent the good performance of the game. We have already seen that although it does not have Ray Tracing, and it was announced that it would come to PC, the game is capable of taking our PCs to the extreme without making them sweat or rethink life. A low optimization Unreal Engine 4 of which we have rarely seen.