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Atomic Heart was released without Ray Tracing, neither on consoles nor on PC

The day that many players have been waiting for has arrived and Atomic Heart has officially been released for consoles, PC and Game Pass. This long-awaited action video game and first-person RPG touches promised that it would arrive without Ray Tracing on consoles, but in exchange, they would enjoy a 4K and 60 FPS gaming experience. This made us think that the players of Atomic Heart in pc we would have a graphical advantage, but in the end our version It doesn’t have Ray Tracing either..

Atomic Heart It is one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and it is not for less, because taking a look at its trailers and gameplays, it has been called on multiple occasions as the “soviet bioshock“. Really from the outside it is easy to see how they are similar, because we can use powers with our character, we find ourselves in a dystopian society and after all, it is a first person game. But in the end if we delve into the title, we see that it really shouldn’t be compared to Bioshock, but rather brings its own ideas and style. Here we are no longer talking about a completely linear game, but we have a open world to explore to our liking and even we can use vehicles to move

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Atomic Heart is released on PC as on consoles: without Ray Tracing

The long-awaited game from the developer mundfish It has kept many players on edge throughout all this time. The promises that this would be one of the best releases of 2023 They had been heard for months and in each video we saw we knew that it was an interesting game. Atomic Heart has already been released and as media criticism begins to surface, we see that the notes are approaching the notable. It will not be the masterpiece that many expected, but without a doubt, this is not a bad game and in many aspects it does it relatively well. However, there is something that will annoy the most demanding PC gamersWell, it turns out that in the end, the game has been launched without Ray Tracing.


Just as the developers warned that the console version would not implement it, we thought that it would be on PC, but no. It really is curious, because precisely the devs collaborated with NVIDIA and have teaching videos with Ray Tracing since 2018. In fact, we have put one where clear differences of using this technology are seen. We can see that the shadows softenthere is a ambient occlusion more precise and clear improvement in reflexes.

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Atomic Heart’s performance is very good on all platforms

Atomic Heart performance PC

It is curious that Mundfish has been talking on many occasions about the implementation of Ray Tracing and how it would improve the graphic aspect of the game. About a year ago, they said that Atomic Heart would incorporate the technology RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) on PC, ensuring that the result was very good. Already in the summer of 2020, the game director assured that the reflections and shadows by Ray Tracing would be maintained with total security. However, this has not been fulfilled and it is that at the launch of the game on PC there is no option in the graphics that activates said Ray Tracing.

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In the end, the developers confirm that Atomic Heart will not have ray tracing for now. Of course, it does not mean that it has been eliminated, since it is likely that it will appear with a future patch of the game, knowing that they have been working with it for a long time. Meanwhile, looking on the bright side of things, Atomic Heart has a pretty good performance both on consoles and PC. This is appreciated, since we talked about the fact that the Xbox Series X and PS5 achieve dynamic 4K at 60 FPS (most of the time stable).

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S if you have more occasional dips at 1080P and 60 FPSespecially in the open world. On the other hand, in pc we can see that indoors the FPS skyrockets. Outdoors that consumes more, with a RTX 3070Ti to 4K Ultra and DLSS 2 activated, we can easily play more than 60FPS. With a RTX 3050 we can play 2K Ultra with DLSS 2 and already with the powerful RTX 4090 are exceeded 120 FPS at 4K thanks to DLSS 3.


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