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Atomic Heart will have Denuvo, and hides behind an excuse that doesn’t quite convince us


Atomic Heart will have Denuvo, and hides behind an excuse that doesn’t quite convince us

Anti-piracy methods in video games are almost mandatory today, and the most infallible (but also the most unpopular and controversial) is Denuvo. DRM has been accused of having a severe impact on video game performance, as was the case with Resident Evil: Village. Now, Atomic Heart has fired up the community by announcing the use of the with some inflammatory statements.

In an announcement from the studio, it has been confirmed that “Russian BioShock” will use Denuvo to curb the onslaught of piracy. This has raised the suspicions of those who expected it, who are afraid to see how this impacts the FPS of the peculiar shooter. The response of those responsible for this has only angered skeptics.

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Its developers have pointed out that they cannot guarantee that the DRM method will not worsen the performance of the game. Even so, they call for calm with a statement that not only has not convinced, but has left out part of the players: according to Mundfish, we can recover the frames that we lose using the DLSS.

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Faced with these statements, many players have put their hands to their heads. Knowing that the study foresees a hit to performance and excuses itself with a method that also only impacts the performance of the graphics card has not sat well. From Denuvo, it is said to have negative consequences for CPU performance, something that doesn’t add up with the statements of the Russian study.

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It’s funny that the requirements for Atomic Heart don’t even include a graphics card that supports NVIDIA’s famous scaling method. For now, we will have to wait until February 21 to see how the stock title performs. Luckily for many, it will also land on Game Pass.

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