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Attack on Titan highlights the 5 phases of grief that Mikasa has experienced

Mikasa has experienced personal growth realizing that Eren became an enemy.

Mikasa Ackerman has always been a character with her respective problems, which have earned her a complicated relationship with Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of Shingeki no Kyojin. Of course, both have a special connection, although to date it has not been revealed what it is. But what is a fact is that this tension between Eren and Mikasa places a special emphasis on the feelings that she has towards him.


To better understand, Ackerman’s genetics and qualities make him rival Captain Levi. But it doesn’t seem to be as important as the issues he has with Eren, making the issues between Levi and Ackerman superficial in nature. At this point, it is easy to understand what is happening. Well, only until the third season of Shingeki no Kyojin, where Mikasa’s actions -in the fourth season- focus even more on Eren and this feeling is sharpened. Although, taking into account all the events that have surrounded Eren, his obsession with procuring good for him is justifiable, this has been losing prominence.

Mikasa found out about Eren’s horrible lie, which changed everything

Shingeki no kyojin has given Mikasa character relief at every opportunity since the first episode, setting her up as a base character in the first season and later using her as a reinforcement at the end of the plot. Initially, Mikasa believed that she was aware of everything around her, however, everything has been called into question in recent episodes. From who he is, to his perspective on the world and, of course, his feelings about one of the people he cares about most.

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The break of all this was when Eren lied to Mikasa, telling her that he hated her and stating that her place in the Ackerman family tree was her only motivator for caring for him. Since then, things changed for her, as this argument led to an identity crisis, making her wonder what she really felt about Eren and why. In the process, her Mikasa was exposed to her own doubts and insecurities, while she faced the five stages of grief.


The first stage was denial

Once the Jaeger’s supporters caught up with those who posed a threat to Eren’s plans, Mikasa had to face awkward conversations with her peers. First of all, Connie Springer suggested that Eren had changed greatly since his solo mission on Marley, stating that he became what he swore he would never be and that for the explorers it also meant some opposition.

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In addition to the above, Connie said with complete certainty that if Eren had switched to the enemy side, she was willing to kill him. Thus, Mikasa opposes the idea, stating that he has not changed, when deep down he feels concern for his fate.

Anger is a second stage

Some time later, Annie Leonhart suggests a plan similar to Connie’s. She explains that Eren must be killed to prevent him from destroying the world and killing anyone in his path. But Mikasa is greatly upset at her suggestion and gets angry with her partner. Mikasa is annoyed that her only solution is that her friend has to die because she thinks he can change.


The third stage involves negotiation

When Mikasa realizes that her teammates aren’t willing to take any chances, she insists that they can save Eren. And the genuine desire to find another plan stems from denial and the hope that Eren will rectify without having to kill him to end the problem. For this, she tries to talk to him twice, at the table and on the roads, without any success. It is at this moment that Mikasa begins to understand that Eren is not willing to change his plans and no one can interfere with them.

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Depression invades Mikasa in the fourth stage

Once she’s tried everything, Mikasa has to accept reality, which is when her feelings seem to coalesce into a sense of failure and deep sadness. We can see this in chapter 138 of Shingeki no Kyojin, when Mikasa overcomes her fight against Eren and, on the contrary, she wants to return home alone. Although she always said it in jest, this is the first time that she feels it seriously.

In the fifth stage he finally accepts it

In this last stage, Mikasa is already aware that there is only one way to end the chaos.. During the final battle against Eren, she knows that she has to stop him – still wondering why things came to an end. And, having accepted her fate, Mikana kills the only person she considered part of her family, her friend and her lover, thus concluding a process that took her a long time to understand.


Although Mikasa had lost many people, none had the same impact as the loss of Eren. Mikasa’s acceptance that he had to die by his own hand is what adds depth to his own growth; and, of course, the end of such an important relationship for her also supposes a conclusion of herself.