Attack on Titan presents a new trailer focused on its final chapters

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attack on titan presents a new trailer focused on its

A spectacular new trailer that shows the great tension that the protagonists will suffer in the last moments of the series.

Attack on Titan presents a new trailer focused on its final chapters
Mikasa in full action during the last chapters of Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan continues to be able to raise the expectations of fans as few anime can. During the Anime Expo 2023a convention that began last Saturday in Los Angeles and that reveals some of the novelties of the most important premieres in the world of anime Hajime Isayama’s work could not miss such an important appointment with a trailer of no less than 40 seconds that has already caused great emotion among fans of his work.

receiving the name of Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 2 We can intuit that what MAPPA would adapt for this final conclusion could be more than one chapter of duration yet to be determined instead of a special chapter of extended duration as some fans theorized, a decision that we could see in the episode that closed the recent third season. of demon slayer.

40 seconds of trailer full of emotion

The trailer collects moments of action of all the main characters but it is Armin who has a special role working as a narrator during it and recalling in quick shots his dream for years of exploring the world beyond the walls until all was finished. the protagonists involved in a nightmare situation. We leave you the trailer shared by the official Crunchyroll Collection channel a few hours ago:

These last chapters would be the final closure of the anime adaptation, without receiving any other partition, as has been happening more frequently since the fourth season of the series, causing some discontent among some of its fans due to the constant pauses that this adaptation has ended up having. Others considered these breaks necessary to maintain the series’ high visual quality and good use of CGI, also visible in this latest trailer.

Unfortunately the trailer has not specified any specific date yet, He only remembered that these last chapters are still scheduled to be released this year. It should be mentioned that the end of this story caused some controversy among manga readers in its day, so there are still possibilities that the original ending will receive small changes in its anime adaptation.

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