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Augmented Reality glasses as an external display

Apple is known for creating premium devices with very good finishes and materials, although you have to deal with a high price. Whether we buy an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac or iWatch, we will have to pay much more than for another competing device. But in return we receive the quality, the brand, the operating system and the entire Apple ecosystem. We now know that future Apple AR glasses They already have a name Reality Promay be used as secondary screen and at the same time they will have one iOS-like interface.


This year will be interesting for Apple, since it will bring us the new iPhone 15 and its Pro and Ultra (Pro Max) versions, but the news does not end there. And it is that, the company of the bitten apple hopes to launch this 2023 some augmented reality glasses (AR) very high-end. We are talking about a device that will come equipped with very powerful hardware like the M2 chip from Apple, 16GB RAM Y 10 cameras integrated. Of course, as we warned months ago, its price will be very high, since it is expected that these will reach cost between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. This is partly the fault of the components, but it will also be due to the few units in its initial release. Well, as we will imagine, it is a niche product from which some 700,000 to 800,000 units initially.

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Apple’s AR glasses will be called Reality Pro and will have an iOS interface

Apple Mobile AR Glasses

About Apple’s augmented reality glasses we already know a lot of details, such as its hardware and even its operating system. This was previously called realityOS and was recently renamed by Apple xrOS. About this operating system we know that it is based on iOS and that it would adapt this system to a mixed reality environment. So, we will have applications like FaceTime, News, Maps either messages with which we can interact from Apple’s AR glasses.

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Now we have more details and it is that these Apple AR glasses that were initially called “Reality Pro“, they will finally arrive with a interface very similar to iOS. Thus, they will provide many functions similar to those offered by the iPhone or iPads. This confirms that the company’s customers they will not have to adapt to a new interfacesince this will be familiar to them.

You can use them as a secondary screen for your Mac

Apple VR Glasses Hardware Software

In addition to an operating system similar to iOS, Apple’s Reality Pro will also allow you to control this interface through keyboard and mouse. In fact, it is confirmed that they can be used as a secondary screen of your Mac, thus becoming a external display that will offer eye and hand tracking thanks to the large number of cameras it includes. Thus, we will be able to control everything without the need for a physical device, although this option is always offered to users who require it.

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Now, these AR glasses will be expensive, yes, but with the powerful hardware that they will include, they will really be unrivaled in their sector. Interestingly, Apple will focus on offering a best video conferencing experience when equipped with such a device. To achieve this, they want render the user’s face in virtual reality so you can interact with others as if it were real. A somewhat interesting approach that makes us curious about how realistic the end result could be.


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