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Avalanche reflects its support for the trans community at Hogwarts Legacy

If you have followed the development and the news about Hogwarts Legacy in recent months, you will have seen that there is a sector of the gaming community that calls for a boycott of the game, due to the comments that, for years, the author and owner of the license JK Rowling has poured out against the trans collective. A very awkward situation even within Hogwarts Legacy’s own studio, Avalanche Software.

Some developers have already taken a position against these comments, but now that the game is about to be released, it seems that they have taken their ideas to the next level, and have made Hogwarts Legacy a much more inclusive game with the collective and gender fluid people.

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To begin with, there are the options in the character editor, since in addition to choosing the appearance of our avatar we can assEsports Extrasa male or female voice at will, and in the same way we can define how they refer to us, if as a witch or like a magician

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And then there is the case of Sirona Ryan. Sirona is a secondary character that we will see in various missions throughout the game, and who is the current owner of the Las Tres Escobas local in hogsmeade. She is a woman of arms to take who defends both her bar and her clients with determination, in addition to the fact of being a transgender woman. Beyond being just another NPC, Sirona is an important part of the game’s main plot, as well as several side missions.

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Hogwarts Legacy
Sirona Ryan, a truly brave woman.

Exactly, it seems that “Dumbledore’s army” in Avalanche wants to clear up some issues and repair part of the illusion that many fans of the series lost due to transphobic comments. And beyond that, all fans will find the Harry Potter universe game they’ve always wanted to play, with tons of side quests and dozens of hours of gameplay ahead.


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