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Avalanche Software would have started the sequel to Hogwarts Legacy

avalanche software would have started the sequel to hogwarts legacy

The Americans Avalanche Software (not to be confused with the Swedish Avalanche Studio, Just Cause and Contraband) seem to be already working on their next project after the success achieved with Hogwarts Legacy, currently available for PC and next-generation consoles and very soon for the next generation. past and Nintendo Switch. A job offer published by the studio has set off all the alarm bells. The company is looking for a software engineer to come up with an “unannounced AAA console title.” It is suspected that this new project could be the continuation of Hogwarts Legacy, although there is no confirmation.

It is not unreasonable to think that, seeing the good results and the positive reviews that the game has obtained, the publisher Warner Bros. Games has decided to put the team to work with a sequel. In addition, another aspect that feeds this theory is Avalanche Software’s decision not to launch an expansion with new content for Hogwarts Legacy in the near future, beyond the patches issued to correct errors. The company justified this decision by arguing that they were focused on preparing the versions of the game for the PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms. We will have to wait for an official conformation by the creators in the future.


It should be remembered that, after suffering various delays, the versions for PS4 and Xbox One will arrive tomorrow, May 5. For the Nintendo Switch edition, we will have to wait until July 25 of this year.

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