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Avatar 3: an absolute record with a crazier bet than Avatar 2?

Since the beginning of his flagship franchise, James Cameron has been excessive. But with Avatar 3, the filmmaker could go even further and achieve a performance never before seen.


With Avatar 2: The Way of the Water, James Cameron (Abyss, Terminator, Titanic…) has thwarted the predictions of the most defeatist. From the first days, the film was a monumental success that never faltered from week to week. And thanks to that, we’re going to have Avatar 3 and its three other sequels.

Take your precautions, Avatar 3 will glue you to the couch

Avatar 3 is expected in theaters on December 18, 2024, but the commercial machine is already engaged with information distilled by James Cameron and producer Jon Landau. A feature film that should still be totally crazy with the introduction of new biomes and tribes.

But James Cameron could push all the limits with an unthinkable duration. According to journalist Jeff Sneider, Who has already proven to be reliable, the director might have an assembly of… 9 hours! A project that would be destined to become a Disney+ series.


RUMOR: Remember that 9-hour edit I told you about, where James Cameron insisted the visual effects be done? I hear this version could be coming to Disney Plus as a limited series, after the theatrical release of the mountain cinema.

Via Twitter.

For comparison The Lord of the Rings lasts 11h55 in long version, but it is a trilogy. For a single film, the record is held by 1990 by Bernardo Bertolucci with a duration of around 5h30.

Avatar The Way of the Water (credits: CinéSéries).

A note on the sequels

During an interview, James Cameron spoke about the diversity offered by Pandora. Even if the fifth installment could take place elsewhere… the director argues that he can stay on this planet while integrating completely different biomes from the first two films.


Everything we have to say and see is on Pandora. I don’t need to go to other planets to tell this story. You can go to the desert, to the mountains, to the boreal forest, the temperate forest and not just the tropical one. We can go to the polar region. We’ll see a lot – including the different adaptations to various cultures through these films.

We will see the country with Avatar 3, but we will also get to know the new tribe of the “People of Ashes”:

The fire will be represented by the “Ash People”. I want to reveal the Na’vis from another angle because, for the moment, I have only shown their good sides. In the early films, there are very negative human examples and very positive Na’vis examples. In Avatar 3, we’ll do the reverse. We will also explore new universes while continuing the story of the main characters.

And then it will be the turn of Avatar 4 which has already started filming. This is justified by the fact that after the first act there will be a time jump. As a result, James Cameron needed to box the scenes with the kids he was growing up with (via CinéSéries).


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