Avatar Legends: the long-awaited role-playing game finally arrives in France

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The Avatar: The Last Airbender license is a real phenomenon in America and in France it also has a solid established community. In fact, French fans were impatiently awaiting the arrival of the JDR here.

Water, fire, earth, air. A simple sequence of words that is enough to cause a thrill in an entire generation. Ultra popular in the United States, the Avatar The Last Airbender license did not manage to achieve the same success in France. The situation could change soon as the franchise prepares to experience a second wind. The Netflix effect of the live-action series, which will be broadcast in 2024, is palpable. Avatar Studio is even planning a new series and a film from 2025 while an entire community has been desperately waiting for a new animated project for almost 10 years. And if you’re one of the most ardent fans, we have good news. One of the biggest licensing projects of recent years is finally arriving in France and fully translated please.

Avatar Legends arrives in France

Avatar Legends: the official role-playing game officially arrives in France. A RPG that has enjoyed disproportionate success in the United States, raising more than $10 million during its crowdfunding campaign, making it one of the best participatory projects on the continent. We poor French people had only two solutions: rush for the English version or pray that a translation arrives here. It was ultimately Arkhane Asylum, to whom we owe the French versions of the paper role-playing games of Fallout, Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher, who got their hands on this big and beautiful piece. The publisher does not hide its enthusiasm at the idea of ​​allowing the French community to discover a new way to enjoy the rich and elaborate universe of Avatar.

In Avatar Legends, players will be able to explore five different eras (Kyoshi, Roku, Hundred Year War, Aang and Kora) by creating their own characters who will then follow in the footsteps of legendary heroes. A new look at the universe, which allows us to discover and create a myriad of new stories. the RPG allows you to choose from around fifteen customizable character booklets, offering endless possibilities for play and interpretation.

And given that the role-playing game is more popular than ever and is becoming more popular, the pre-order campaEsports Extrasshould be just as resounding a success here. That’s all we wish for him anyway. If you are not yet introduced to RPGs, don’t panic. The books, available in a beautiful collector’s version, are sufficient in themselves to learn more about the Avatarverse, what life was like in the 4 Nations at different times and much more. Perfect for expanding your knowledge of the universe or adding to your collection.

The different editions for pre-order

You can reserve your copy of Avatar Legends: the official role-playing game from October 5 at 5:00 p.m. until October 26 at 10:00 p.m. with delivery planned by summer 2024. Several rewards are available, with a reduction compared to the price of their marketing. Here are the different rewards:

  • 25€ : Avatar Legends Starter Box + PDF version (includes rulebook, two scenarios, 10 dice, map, pre-drawn characters and game aids);
  • 45€ : Rulebook + free PDF version;
  • 85€ : Deluxe edition rulebook with metallic effect cover (Aang or Kora)
  • 150€ : Avatar Legends Collection (classic edition rulebook, game screen, official dice set, combat deck, adventure collection, PDF of the books offered);
  • €210 Avatar Legends Collection in Deluxe Korra or Aang Edition (Deluxe Edition rulebook, game screen, official dice set, combat deck, adventure collection, PDF of the books offered and an Aang figurine).
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