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Avatar Producer Reveals Why Avatar 4 Act One Has Already Been Filmed

We have known for a long time that James Cameron and the Avatar cast and crew have started working on future movies, and this includes shooting not only Avatar 3, but also Avatar 4, which we don’t expect to be before 2026. But why have they so far ahead? The producer of the saga, Jon LandauHe explains it to us now.

Speaking in an interview with Screen Rant about why Avatar 3 and also the first act of Avatar 4 was shot during the production process for Avatar: The Shape of Water, Landau stated:


“We weren’t just shooting Avatar 2, we were actually shooting and capturing for the 2, 3, and first act of the fourth movie.” To tell the truth, there is a time cut after the end of the first act [de Avatar 4]and we needed to get all the kids out before they got older.”

So we already have a small preview of what we can expect from the future film. What do you hope to see in Avatar 3 and Avatar 4?

Avatar: The Way of Water