Avowed: This Big Announcement Will Disappoint Some Skyrim Fans

avowed: this big announcement will disappoint some skyrim fans

Tom Henry

Avowed: This Big Announcement Will Disappoint Some Skyrim Fans

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Obsidian, developer of the highly anticipated RPG Avowed, just made an important announcement about the game that might put a fair amount of Skyrim fans off their feet.

The Elder Scrolls 6 has been desperately awaited by millions of gamers for many years. Even if Skyrim continues to welcome ever more inspired mods supposed to extend its lifespan, players are logically starting to get impatient. At present, we know very little about The Elder Scrolls 6 and the game shouldn’t show up anytime soon, given that Bethesda is focusing all of its efforts on Starfield. And the studio does not do things by halves. The open world game looks rather impressive and proves to be extremely ambitious.

Fortunately, another game could satisfy fans of Skyrim waiting TES 6. This is Avowed, a title developed by Obsidian and which has had an effect on many people since its announcement. During the Xbox Games Showcase, the Microsoft exclusivity showed up again, raising the hype… except that the latest statement from the studio’s CEO could bring it down.

The cold shower for Skyrim fans?

Feargus Urquhart, CEO and co-founder of the American studio Obsidian, spoke at length about Avowed in the columns of PC Gamer. After the broadcast of a new trailer of the game during the Xbox Games Showcase, many players and in particular fans of Skyrim, expect a lot from the RPG. Feargus Urquhart warns, despite some similarities in gameplay, the structure of the two titles will be radically different.

We could go into creating an 8km by 8km open world and deal with all the consequences of that, because that makes it a game of a different style. But we want to tell smaller stories that the player can experience with their companions and move from one part of the world to another.

Understand that Avowed probably won’t be open world. The mention of displacement “from one part of the world to another” suggests that it will be more of a semi-open world with loading times between each zone. Feargus Urquhart confirms that the game should nevertheless have the dimension of a Skyrim initially, but it would now come closer to The Outer Worlds – another game from Obsidian – in terms of structure.

New details about Avowed

Die-hard open world fans will certainly be disappointed by this news, but open world does not necessarily mean quality gaming. Avowed should have many assets to succeed in attracting players. In a second interview published by PC Gamer, Carrie Patel, director of the game, confides in the mechanics present in Avowed. She indicates that the studio has done everything to best integrate the companions into the story and give them real importance, in addition to their combat support.

The dynamic dialogue system will help shape your character’s personality based on the tone of the response chosen in each chat, as in The Outer Worlds. She adds that players will begin the adventure in the world of Eora as an emissary of the empire, but will have the choice between playing a human or an elf. Finally, Carrie Patel specifies thatAvowed will not include any multiplayer functionality. As a reminder, the title of Obsidian which takes place in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity will be released in 2024 on Xbox and PC.

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