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Bad news: The premiere of Super Mario Bros.: The Movie in Spain is delayed

When we saw the first trailer for Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, in addition to its infinity of secrets and nods to different games from the series of the most famous plumber in the history of video games, what surprised us the most is that our country was going to be among the first (if not the first) to be able to enjoy the film.

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A decision that was attributed to the coincidence with the celebrations of Holy Week in our country, a period that is generally problematic for film releases (unless they have a religious theme). At that time we maintained that the release date would be March 31, but it seems that finally the release date will be april 7just with the rest of the countries in the worldwide launch, according to the recent update of the film’s tab on the Universal website.

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Therefore, on Friday, April 7 (Holy Friday) we will be able to attend with our popcorn and soft drinks to enjoy Mario’s new step on the big screen. Furthermore, it is National holidaySo it doesn’t seem like a bad plan.

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