Bakugou could be back in the series

It seems that Horikoshi listened to his fans…?

My Hero Academia: Bakugou could be back in the series

This article will contain spoilers from the leaks of the next chapter of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia), all thanks to the leaks that have been made in the last hours about chapter 363. Some of them seem to confirm what a large part of the fandom suspected, one of the main characters, Bakuguo, is alive

In one of the pictures shared by the account of Twitter Cerecitto, we see that Edgeshot is doing what he can to keep Bakugo’s body alive, despite the fact that it has already been confirmed that he does not have a pulse. However, this is not the only important revelation.

Edgeshot says that he will become Bakugou’s heart and prepares to use his ultimate ninpou., which means that the young hero was indeed dead, but he will be revived with the power of this professional hero. This is contrary to what a part of the fandom speculated, that this protagonist would come back to life thanks to the apparent relationship he had with the second One For All user.

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As we mentioned, the My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) fandom is definitely more curious about the potential theory linking Katsuki Bakugo to the power of One For All after that big chapter in the series. Nevertheless, this could change and radically modify some of the approaches of the series… as the way in which this power is transmitted, since it suggests that a blood connection could also interconnect the users of One For All. If this is true, we could have a way for Bakugo to stay alive in chapter 363 of the series.

Some of the other details in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) chapter 362 is that we see Bakugo get up in a swift and fast manner, in fact, he moves incredibly fast, surpassing Shigaraki himself. This is due to the effect of cluster explosions, which he can create with his Quirk. However, his power is not impressive enough for his own doubts. As he attacks his opponent, Bakugo wonders if he can keep up with Deku..

my hero academia 362

Thanks to the glycerin in his body, Bakugou manages to outmaneuver and evade most of Tomura Shigaraki’s attacks in My Hero Academia Chapter 362. This angered the villain, reminding him of the second One for All user.

The Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) fandom has celebrated the return of Bakugou

It is no small thing to say that Bakugou is one of the main and most beloved characters in Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), so the fandom reacted positively to this news. Some of the memes that were shared on social media made jokes about how happy it was to see their beloved hero back in the main story.

Not all the fandom of this franchise was happy with this news, because as can be read in some comments, the “lack of consistency” that Kohei Horikoshi had in giving a “dignified death” to a main character with an emotional final scene was mentioned. and that it closed his arc of growth as a character, only to bring him back a few pages later.

Whatever the case, it seems that Bakugou is back to Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) and may play an important role in the final fight against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, even more than the clues Horikoshi has given indicate that this young hero is connected to One For All, one of the most powerful quirks of this world. It may be that when Izuku Midoriya finally arrives on the battlefield, both young heroes will have to team up once again in order to defeat the ultimate villain of the entire franchise, as they have teamed up before in non-canon movies.

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